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The Poet (1996)

Death is my beat…

Jack McEvoy specializes in death.  As a crime reporter for the Rocky Mountain News, he has seen every kind of murder.  But his professional bravado doesn’t lessen the brutal shock of learning that his only brother is dead, a suicide.

Jack’s brother was a homicide detective, and he had been depressed about a recent murder case, a hideously grisly one, that he’d been unable to solve.

McEvoy decides that the best way to exorcise his grief is by writing a feature on police suicides.  But when he begins his research, he quickly arrives at a stunning revelation.  Following his leads, protecting his sources, muscling his way inside a federal investigation, Jack grabs hold of what is clearly the story of a lifetime.  He also knows that in taking on the story, he’s making himself the most visible target for a murderer who has eluded the greatest investigators alive.

In April 2004, The Poet was re-issued in paperback with an introduction by Stephen King.


“On the fright level, “The Poet” ranks with Thomas Harris’ ‘The Silence of the Lambs’.”

—Fort Lauderdale News and Sun Sentinel

“Infernally ingenious …An irresistibly readable thriller.”

— New York Times

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