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Season 1 focuses mainly on City of Bones with elements from Echo Park and The Concrete Blonde. Season 2 focuses mainly on Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote. Season 3 focuses on The Black Echo and A Darkness More Than Night.  Season 4 continues the unfinished plot lines from season 3 and focuses on Angels Flight. Season 5 is based mainly on Two Kinds Of Truth.

April 2019, Season 5 Is Streaming Now!









‘Bosch’ Is A Modern Noir That Showcases An Unadorned LA, LACurbed.com

Bosch review: In season 5, still TV’s best-written cop drama, Newsday.com (WARNING: SPOILERS)

How the Makers of Bosch Built Amazon’s Longest Running Original Series, Pastemagazine.com

March 4, 2019, Back To Work On Bosch Season 6
The writing room for the 6th season of Bosch opened today – notice the empty walls. We’ll soon fill those up with story beats and start putting together a season that is a worthy follow to the upcoming season 5 (out on April 19). Never thought I would see this happen. Amazing. I’m very fortunate that we get to bring these stories to visual life. The season 6 book: The Overlook. And other surprises as well. Stay tuned.

Bosch season 6 writers room - first day






February 28, 2019, Bosch Season 5 – Coming Out On April 19!

Fifteen months after bringing his mother’s killer to justice, Bosch finds himself seeking the truth on two fronts. New evidence in an old case leaves everyone wondering whether Bosch planted evidence to convict the wrong guy. And a murder at a Hollywood pharmacy exposes a sophisticated opioid pill mill, sending Bosch down a dark and perilous path in pursuit of the killers.

Bosch returns 04/19. Stream with Prime.

February 8, 2019, Bosch Panel at SCAD’s aTVfest in Atlanta





November 27, 2018 – The Last Scene

Wrapping up season 5 of Bosch out in the desert by the Salton Sea. Amazing to see words become images. It’s been a great ride and we’re going to ride it again in season 6!








November 14, 2018
Amazon Renews ‘Bosch’ For Sixth Season; Streamer’s Longest Running Series, Deadline.com

November 14, 2018 – Exciting News From Titus Welliver and Michael Connelly

November 13, 2018, Season 5 Filming

A city torn by bullets and flames can still be beautiful sometimes. No wonder Harry Bosch likes it best from this angle.








October 9, 2018
Back at the Los Angeles Times – if only to shoot season 5.






October 7, 2018
A friend introduced me to Scott Wilson about 25 years ago. At the time, after great success as a new actor in the late 60s, he could barely find work. We went to a Dodgers game and I found him to be one of the nicest and most humble men I’d met. Many years later, his fortunes had turned for the better and he rode a crest of success as Hershel on The Walking Dead as well as other choice roles. When I asked him if he’d play Dr. Guyot on the pilot of Bosch the answer was an immediate yes, and during the filming I learned that he had not changed a bit. He was still the humble and kind man. The return of great success had not changed him a bit. That’s how I’ll remember him. Kind man, loyal friend, great artist. Rest in peace. – MC







Director Ernest Dickerson preps for the big plane battle over the Salton Sea. Great job by the production design and art departments. It’s amazing to write something in a book without having to care about logistics and then see it become a reality on a set. We’ll mix shots of our real plane and stage plane to show the fight of Harry Bosch’s life.






September 20, 2018
Season 5:
Chief Irving in his office…
Burning the midnight oil…
The city outside sleeps…
Big reveal: we’re on a stage.

Season 5: Returning to Musso and Frank’s – classic Hollywood at 99 years old.

September 18, 2018
The A Team. Filming season 5.

September 12, 2018
The return of Detective Jimmy Robertson, played by Paul Calderón.

September 5, 2018
Another iconic Hollywood location for Bosch season 5 filming. The Frolic Room on Hollywood Boulevard. In business serving the alcohol needy since 1935. 






September 4, 2018, Season 5 Casting News
Bianca Kajlich
Jacqueline Obradors
Chris Ashworth
Chris Vance
Ryan Hurst

August 24, 2018
Bosch meets Bonner. Ex biker private eye working for Money Chandler to defend Bosch. Two Kinds Of Truth.






August 17, 2018
The landing at Slab City. Two Kinds Of Truth.








August 16, 2018
Where undercover Bosch beds down at night. Two Kinds Of Truth.








August 1, 2018

Putting TWO KINDS OF TRUTH on film – Bosch season 5

July 26, 2018, We Are Rolling!
We are off and running on Season 5 of Bosch. It’s hard to believe we got here. But thanks to the dedication of all the cast and crew and the loyal watchers of the show, we are! Season 5: Two Kinds of Truth.






July 18, 2018

Harry’s desk is ready for the next case and it seems entirely appropriate that we film season 5 on Stage 5 at Red Studios, Hollywood, California.

Harry Bosch's desk Stage 5 at Red Studios






July 6, 2018

Getting ready to shoot season 5 – based on Two Kinds of Truth. A brave group of Bosch producers and crew, including writer Tom Bernardo, ventured to the Salton Sea in 110 degree heat to scout locations. Filming starts in three weeks! The thing about writing the novels is that it’s always 74 degrees. If I knew we would be shooting Two Kinds in August, I would’ve set it in Alaska! – MC  (photo credit Tom Bernardo)


April 12, 2018
Why You Should Be Watching Bosch, Amazon’s Under-the-Radar Noir
, Paste.com

April 11, 2018, Michael Connelly & Titus Welliver Throw Out The First Pitch At The L.A. Dodgers Game








Watch Bosch Season 4 – Streaming Now On Prime Video!

When an attorney is murdered on the eve of his civil rights trial against the LAPD, homicide Det. Harry Bosch is assigned to lead a Task Force to solve the crime before the city erupts in a riot. Bosch must pursue every lead, even if it turns the spotlight back on his own department. One murder intertwines with another, and Bosch must reconcile his past to find a justice that has long eluded him.


April 10, 2018

When there’s a case this big, there’s no time to waste. Stream the new season of Bosch April 13 on Prime Video.

April 8, 2018
A new season brings new complications for Harry. Stream the new season of Bosch April 13 on Prime Video.

April 4, 2018

April 3, 2018, Bosch Season 4 Review
“Bosch Season 4 is a masterful piece of L.A. Noir – a classic whodunit with crisp dialogue, fine performances and layers of intrigue.” – ScreenMayhem.com

April 2, 2018

March 31, 2018
I’m standing at Angels Flight, the foundation of Bosch season 4. A testament to perseverance. It’s been in and out of service for better than a hundred years but still carries people up and down the hill. Season 4 will begin streaming in 2 weeks, on April 13.






March 27, 2018, Season 5 
The writing room for season 5 is well under way. The best writing team in the business. 






March 13, 2018, Season 4 Will Be Available One Month From Today









February 13, 2018, Watch The Season 4 Trailer

Season 5 News

December 1, 2017
We wrapped Bosch season 4 this week, finishing up in the badlands with Maddie Bosch on a personal sojourn, eating a peanut butter sandwich. (Inside intel: nine takes meant she took a bite of nine different sandwiches.) It seemed like a fitting and quiet end to the season. As I’ve been saying all along, I think we have something really good in season four. We still have a lot of editing and post production to go and it will only make things better. But I feel great about it and we are now thinking about where the story goes if/when we get season five. We will know about that soon enough. Meantime, I can’t say enough about the cast and crew of this show. After four seasons it feels like family and we all take pride and ownership in something we know is good. When you see this season – most likely in April – you will be amazed at our locations, from the tunnels under the city to Angels Flight to the maze-like passages in the badlands of the Anza-Borrego National Park. Against these we place actors and directors at the top of their craft and surround them with crew who always go the extra yard to make it good, to make it real. And of course, I’m a writer so I have to say it all started nine months ago in the writing room. Before there was anything there was that room and the Bosch writers are the best. I can’t wait for you to watch this season and for us to go on to the next.






November 29, 2017
Setting up the last shot of season 4. Dawn at Anza-Borrego Springs. Out in the distance is the Salton Sea where Harry Bosch happens to go in Two Kinds of Truth.






November 27, 2017
We are shooting the last week of Season 4. Four months ago we had 10 scripts and based on the writing my instincts told me this was going to be good. Now with 9 and a half episodes in the can I know we’ve got the best season yet! And that’s before we add music and special effects! – MC






November 2017

Bosch and Bosch
Filming today in abandoned subway tunnels under downtown Los Angeles. Eerie and enchanting. Amazing that we get to film here. In some ways it feels like 25 years in the making to me. These are the passages I only imagined when I wrote The Black Echo and created a character named Bosch with a thing about tunnels.






Bosch On The Case





October 19, 2017
Why does Amazon’s ‘Bosch’ feel so much like the books? It’s Michael Connelly

September 27, 2017
Crime pays for Bosch creator Michael Connelly

Australia: Bosch season 3 starts today at 8.35pm on SBS.

September 26, 2017, Season 4 Production Update









September 19, 2017
Filming with Titus.






August 9, 2017
Bosch: our day begins when your day ends…






August 3, 2017
Filming at the Bradbury Building.






August 2, 2017
I can’t believe it! We are filming at and on Angels Flight. To me this is 20 years in the making. Bosch season 4 is going to be great! – MC






July 27, 2017
Filming began on season 4 today in Los Angeles. Season 4 will continue the unfinished plot lines from season 3 and will pull elements from Angels Flight.









July 2017
Bosch seasons 1-3 are now available on Amazon Prime Video in Canada.

June 2017
I was under Los Angeles today. On a location scout for season 4 of Bosch, we went into the long abandoned tunnels and subway station that still remain beneath downtown. We entered through the Subway Terminal Building and went down several levels into the labyrinth. It was a first hand look at an intriguing part of LA history. The city once had one of the largest public transit systems in the world but decided to back a freeway system that would help build the city as an autotopia. The subways were abandoned in the mid-50s. And we all know how that autotopia idea worked out. Now they are building new subways to cut down on the reliance on the auto — as well as the smog that comes with it. In a way, today was like diving down to a shipwreck in deep water, our flashlights cutting through darkness and illuminating tunnels and ticket booths last used more than fifty years ago. Very black echo-y. I can’t wait to put Harry Bosch down there and start filming. – MC








April 26, 2017
The writers are already working on season 4, which will pull plot lines primarily from Angel’s Flight and also some carryover story lines from season 3. 

April 23, 2017
Bosch Season 3 is streaming in Canada on CraveTV.
It is now airing on HBONordic in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. 
To see if it is streaming on Amazon in other countries, please visit PrimeVideo.com.

April 21, 2017
Keeping it real: How Michael Connelly brings ‘Bosch’ – and L.A. – to life
, Amazon.com

Review: Michael Connelly’s ‘Bosch’ returns for an engrossing Season 3, TampaBay.com

April 20, 2017
Titus Welliver Warns That Bosch Season 3 ‘Takes Harry Down To The Studs,’ RottenTomatoes.com

How Amazon’s Bosch Offers A Return Of The Detective Hero, DailyNews.com

Bosch Seasons 1 & 2 Recap Video

April 19, 2017, The Police Procedural Starring Real Detectives, OZY.com

April 18, 2017, Cast Reunion at the Consider Amazon event in Los Angeles






April 13, 2017, Review: Bosch remains as one of the best ongoing detective series in season 3, wegotthiscovered.com 

March 28, 2017, Bosch Seasons 1 & 2 Recap Video, YouTube.com

March 17, 2017, Bringing Bosch To Life, DramaQuarterly.com

March 6, 2017, Bosch Season 3 – Q & A With Michael Connelly

March 2, 2017, Season 3 Trailer

Bosch season 3 trailer introduces a new world of murder and dirty cops, EW.com

February 7, 2017, Announcement: Season 3 Will Begin Streaming On April 21, 2017

February 2, 2017, That’s A Wrap!
Season 3 just wrapped filming. Here’s an exclusive message from Michael about season 3 on the Bosch fan site: http://boschtvfansite.weebly.com/cast-messages.html

January 31, 2017
Filming in the mist. Bosch season 3.









January 18, 2017
We are in the final days of filming episode 10 of Bosch season 3. Rain delays are not helping! Look for a release date announcement soon.

Billets and Bosch







Above:Bosch and Billets together again. On the roof sneaking smokes at Hollywood Division.

November 11, 2016, filming at the Bosch house
For the last time this season. Episode 10, baby! Been a fun season and already thinking about season 4 (and book 30)!








November 2, 2016, Bosch Season 3 Sneak Peek
Watch a sneak peek

November 1, 2o16, On The Set Of Bosch Season 3

October 27, 2016
Yes, this is L.A. Shooting a scene from Bosch season 3 on a rooftop in Hollywood.






October 17, 2016 – Bosch Renewed For Season 4!
‘Bosch’ Is Going Back On The Case For A Fourth Season With Amazon Renewal
– Deadline.com

The big news is that there will be a fourth season of Bosch! Amazon Studios has said let’s do it again and we are happy to oblige. It wasn’t exactly arbitrary but when we first started making the show I off-handedly said I would like 60 hours of television to properly tell the Harry Bosch story. Well, this gets us almost there. It is also very exciting to get this news before we finish filming season 3. It allows us to set up season 4 with some story lines that are not tied up. Amazon doesn’t make this sort of decision in a vacuum. Viewership is the key ingredient. I want to thank everyone who has watched the first two seasons and ridden along with us. Thanks to you we get to do it again! I am confident season 3 – we are almost finished – is going to raise the bar another notch and then it’s on to season 4. – MC

September 20, 2016
Filming at the historic Formosa in Hollywood. Dark and smoky, there used to be a tunnel from here under Santa Monica Boulevard so Marilyn Monroe could escape the paparazzi.






September 8, 2016
Filming Bosch season 3 in Hollywood’s back alleys. Harry with Sharkey.






August 31, 2016
Filming  season 3 episode 3: Harry visits Charlie Company to trace the history of Billy Meadows (The Black Echo).
CharlieCompany CharlieCompany2









August 23, 2016, Notes from Bosch Season 3

Sharkey Sharkey2








It is hard to put into words what I feel as I see these scenes with Harry Bosch and the kid Sharkey being filmed. Right out of my first novel The Black Echo. When I wrote it 25 plus years ago I started with Sharkey. The street kid was the first fictional character on the page, drawn from runaway kids I knew while growing up and working in the kitchens of hotels in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Harry came into the story after — obviously drawn from literary and movie heroes as well as detectives I met as a news reporter. So to see this story come alive now with these two fine actors — Titus Welliver of course as Harry, Bridger Zadina as Sharkey — is amazing to me. After three seasons you’d think this would get old but I am mesmerized by these two and their interactions. More so than past days on the set, I get a nostalgic feel to it. I remember writing that first book and trying to find time to get to it between the hours of my real job as a reporter. I am certainly happy that we decided not to present the show in the same order of the books. Waiting to do The Black Echo in season 3 gave this crew on both sides of the camera better understanding of what we have and what we want to accomplish. I think this season will be the one I’ve waited 25 years for. – MC

August 19, 2016, Deadline.com
‘Bosch’ Casts Jeffrey Pierce

August 17, 2016, HollywoodReporter.Com
‘Bosch’ Enlists ’24’ Grad for Season 3 Recurring Role

August 5, 2016, Bosch Season 3 Filming
Sharkey lives! The runaway teenaged tagger from The Black Echo comes to life in season 3. It only took 25 years!

Sharkey Lives









August 1, 2016, Bosch Season 3, Day 3 of Filming
Interim Chief Irving welcomes the latest class of recruits to the LAPD. “Treat all people with respect,” he tells them. – MC
Day 3 LAPD graduation

Day 3

July 28, 2016, First Day Of Filming On Season 3!

First day of season 3. Getting ready for the first shot of season 3. And so it begins.












July 12, 2016, Canada News
Season 1 of Bosch will air Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning July 14 on CTV.

April 1, 2016, Season 3 Is A Go!
I just got the word that season 3 of Bosch is a go. We are going to adapt The Black Echo and elements of A Darkness More than Night this time around. Thank you to everybody who watched Season 2. Amazon makes their decisions based on viewer support. It’s been there from the start and I greatly appreciate every viewer of the show. Now we’ll get to work on making season 3 better than season 2 and a deeper look at Harry Bosch and his colleagues. – MC

March 30, 2016
In Its Second Season, Bosch Is Everything True Detective Should Have Been
, VanityFair.com

March 15, 2016

Need more Harry Bosch? Listen to this 3-part podcast of “A Fine Mist of Blood,” a Harry Bosch short story written by Michael Connelly and recorded with Titus Welliver (Harry Bosch) and Jamie Hector (Jerry Edgar).

March 14, 2016
Bosch season 2 review: the networks don’t make cop dramas like this Amazon show anymore
, Vox.com
‘Bosch’ Season 2: This is How You Do a Cop Show
, Yahoo.com
Bosch Season 2 Review: One of TV’s Best Detectives Is Back on the Case, TV.com
‘Bosch’ Season 2: Streaming’s most binge-able cop show just got better, Mashable.com
Bestselling Author Michael Connelly on Taking Harry Bosch from Books to TV, Parade.com

March 10, 2016
Who’s Pushing Harry Bosch’s Buttons?,
The Story By Kindle
Bosch Season 2 Review
, Deadline Hollywood
Michael Connelly interview: The modern Raymond Chandler on Bosch, The Long Goodbye, and LA’s neighbourhoods, The Independent
Amazon TV show ‘Bosch’ showcases seldom-used Vegas locations, Las Vegas Review-Journal
Review: Connelly’s ‘Bosch’ is back on TV this week — and even better, Tampa Bay Times

March 7, 2016
Watch: Michael Connelly Gives an Exclusive Inside Look at ‘Bosch’ Season 2, IndieWire.com, March 2016
Behind The Scenes of Bosch, AmazonScreeningRoom.tumblr.com, March 2016
Michael Connelly At The Bosch Season 2 Premiere, YouTube.com, March 2016

March 2, 2016
Season 2 launches on March 11, 2016 in the USA, the UK, Germany and Austria. It will pull stories mainly from Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote

Season 2: A dead body found in the trunk of a car on Mulholland Drive appears to have mob connections and leads LAPD homicide detective Harry Bosch down a dangerous trail of corruption and collusion that stretches to Las Vegas and back. As the case becomes more complex and personal, and Bosch’s search for the truth more relentless, the dark side of the police department is brought to light.

January 29, 2016
Michael Connelly on Bosch Season 2
, web site Q & A

January 11, 2016, Bosch Season 2 Will Premiere On March 11 – Watch The Trailer!
Season 2 launches on March 11, 2016 and will pull mainly from Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote.

A Dead Body In A Trunk, A Mob Hit & Las Vegas: ‘Bosch’ Season 2 – TCA – Deadline.com

Michael Connelly’s ‘Trunk Music’ novel will serve as the “backbone” for the second season, the author and executive producer said Monday at TCA. – HollywoodReporter.com

‘Bosch is back’: Tampa author Michael Connelly announces premiere date for TV series’ second season – TampaBay.com

December 1, 2015, It’s A Wrap!
We finished filming Bosch season 2 today. We turned Malibu into Italy and finished up with Harry considering the grave of a killer who got away with it. I think we got good stuff and look forward to rolling out 10 new episodes soon! – MC
It's a wrap Wrap2





October 15, 2015, More Season 2 Production Photos
planning a robbery mourning badge Flag at half staff for fallen officer Filming on the studio lot

October 6, 2015
The 25 Toughest Guys of Modern TV, Harry Bosch at #23, Esquire.com

September 21, 2015
In Movies And On TV, Los Angeles Is No Longer Just A Backdrop, LAWeekly.com

September 20, 2015, Season 2 Production Photos From Las Vegas
Eye In The Sky in Las Vegas

Palms Resort

September 2, 2015, More Season 2 Production Photos
Billets, Bosch & Edgar Bosch and Edgar called on the carpet

  Matthew joins the cast 

August 18, 2015
Bosch starts airing tonight in Sweden at 21.00 on TV8.

August 13, 2015
This was really cool. Harry Bosch takes in a set at the Catalina Club in Hollywood, and it’s Grace Kelly playing her own composition, “Blues for Harry Bosch.” It was great and everybody will see it in Bosch season 2, Episode 2. – MC

August 12, 2015, More Season 2 Production Photos

Filming at the LAPD Crime Lab Filming at the real LAPD Crime Lab

August 7, 2015, More Season 2 Casting News:
Jeri Ryan
Erika Alexander

Daya Vaidya

August 5, 2015, Season 2 Production Photos
Chilton Hardy's house Harry & Jerry   First day back on set with Michael and Titus     writers room season 2

July 30, 2015, First Shot of Bosch Season 2
The first shot of season 2 broke with the sun in the hills above L.A. Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver) has been on a six month suspension but has stayed in shape. He now just needs to find a razor and we’ll be ready to chase some killers. – MC

July 28, 2015
Brent Sexton Joins ‘Bosch’, Deadline.com
Casting news for season 2.

April 28, 2015
The World Of Bosch Music Playlist on Amazon
Feel like you’re in Harry Bosch’s L.A. with this music playlist, a combination of music used in the show and inspired by the show.

April 27, 2015
The Future of Television
Youtube.com, video interview with Michael Connelly, April 2015

April 7, 2015
Pre-production on season 2 starts the last week of April.

March 24, 2015
Bosch Behind-the-Scenes Podcast – Episodes 1 – 6
Listen to the official podcast of the Amazon original series. Get the inside scoop about the show from author Michael Connelly, executive producer Henrik Bastin, the show’s writers, the real detectives who advise on the show, Titus Welliver, and many more! Episodes 1 -6 are available now on Audible.com for free.

March 19, 2015
How ‘Bosch’ creator Michael Connelly turned his bestsellers into a TV series –

March 18, 2015
‘Bosch’ series gets second season shortly after Amazon Prime premiere 
– LATimes.com
Amazon Renews ‘Bosch’ For Second Season 
– Deadline.com

“It’s an exciting day because it’s now official that we get to do it again. Harry Bosch will ride again on screen and I am extremely excited with our plans for the next ten chapters. But before we move forward and get to work I have to look back and say thanks for the immense support of all the fans of the book who also became fans and supporters of the show. You readers are the base and this show would not have this kind of success without you. Our goal is not to forget that and to make sure the next season and any that come after are loyal to Harry and the city of Los Angeles and the world of the books. If we do that then we are being loyal to you. Thank you very much!” – MC

Bosch achieved the biggest debut weekend among all Amazon Original Series and is the most-watched title on Prime Instant Video, across movies and TV series in its first four weeks. Amazon announced it has greenlit a second season. Season two will be drawn mainly from Trunk Music with elements from The Drop and The Last Coyote. Harry will investigate the murder of a Hollywood producer who laundered money for the mob. He will also pursue serial killer Chilton Hardy and the investigations take Bosch from the Hollywood Hills down through the gritty back streets of L.A. and Las Vegas, threatening those closest to him—his teenage daughter and ex-wife. We expect it to begin streaming in early 2016.

February 25, 2015
Michael Connelly On Bringing Harry Bosch to the Small Screen Newsweek.com

February 18, 2015
Michael Connelly & Titus Welliver on What ‘Bosch’ Says About Police Post-Ferguson 
– IndieWire.com

February 17, 2015
Some review quotes about Bosch:

“The plotting and pacing are what draw you in. The series works like a good page-turner.” – New YorkTimes

“This can be a wrenching show, but, as I say in my video review above, it’s a damn good one.”- Deadline Hollywood

“Bosch has to be considered one of, if not the, best efforts Amazon has put forward in its venture into television programming.” – Yahoo! TV

“Bosch gives us a quality serial crime drama that celebrates Los Angeles.” – Los Angeles Magazine

“fans of cop shows and Connelly’s books should find plenty to enjoy. Amazon Video, it must be said, is on a roll.” – TubeFilter

“Get ready, binge-watchers: There’s a new candidate for your consideration.” – CNN

“Bosch’s gritty moral shades of grey will remind fans of The Wire and Homicide: Life on the Street” – Digital Spy

“a perfect rendering of Michael Connelly’s popular series of novels” – Philly .com

“Bosch gives us the Harry Bosch that readers have been waiting for.” – Mystery Scene Magazine

“I knew as soon as I saw the opening credits that this TV production team got it.” – The Rap Sheet

“Bosch is the most authentic crime drama since The Wire. But where David Simon’s HBO drama cast a critical gaze that examined cops, criminals, politicians, journalists, school teachers and other segments of urban America affected by crime and the drug trade, Bosch sticks to its crime procedural roots and does it to great effect. It features pitch-perfect dialogue sprinkled with enough cop slang to feel real without losing the viewer’s comprehension in the process. Although the cases unfold at a nice slow burn, every episode furthers the narrative. There’s no “dead air” with Bosch” – FilmDispenser.com

February 13, 2015 – Bosch Is Now Streaming!

February 12, 2015
– Review: ‘Bosch,’ Amazon Prime’s New Crime Series
– NYTimes.com
-‘Bosch’ Review: Dominic Patten On Amazon’s Damn Good Hourlong Cop Drama – Deadline.com
– With ‘Bosch,’ Amazon gambles on drama series – CNN.com
– After Years in Limbo, ‘Bosch’ Comes to Life as Amazon Series – ABCNews.com
– ‘Bosch’: Amazon’s Drama Unfolds ‘Like Chapters of a Book’ Says Author Michael Connelly – Variety.com
– Michael Connelly’s L.A. centric book becomes Amazon’s first drama series ‘Bosch’ – DailyNews.com

February 11, 2015
– Deconstructing Amazon’s ‘Bosch’
– WordandFilm.com
– Bosch’ Video Preview: Harry and Jerry Try Not to Lose Their Lunch – TVYahoo.com
Amazon squeezes quality pulp out of ‘Bosch’ – BostonGlobe.com
– ‘Michael Connelly on the ‘Bosch’ Connection to Ferguson – Esquire.com
– Bosch Season 1 Review – WeGotThisCovered.com

February 10, 2015
-‘Bosch’: TV review: Lots of fictional cops are grouchy, but Titus Welliver does it better than most
– NYDailyNews.com
– Tampa’s Michael Connelly brings Bosch books to TV with Amazon Prime series – TampaBay.com
Amazon’s ‘Bosch’ Extended Preview – StarsEntertainment.com. **SPOILER WARNING: includes random clips from the first 4 episodes.
‘Better Call Saul,’ ‘The Slap,’ ‘Bosch:’ TV Coast to Coast for Feb. 10, 2015 – NOLA.com

February 9, 2015
Empire Podcast with Titus Welliver – EmpireOnline.com, Titus’s interview begins at the 35:30 mark.
‘Bosch’ star Titus Welliver on the making of his literary alter-ego  – NYPost.com
Like Cinderella at the Ball – TheRapSheet.com
Writer Michael Connelly’s Teenage Brush With Crime – VanityFair.com
Amazon’s satisfying ‘Bosch’ adds to plate of original content – SFGate.com

February 6, 2015
Will Amazon’s Bosch be the next streaming sensation? –
Actor Titus Welliver discusses his new series, ‘Bosch’ – Examiner.com

February 4, 2015
TV Series Bosch Is The Harry Readers Have Been Waiting For – MysterySceneMag,com
Michael Connelly Talks About His New Show Bosch –  Omnivoracious.com
Michael Connelly Gives Insight into Detectives at Amazon’s Bosch Premiere – Variety.com
Michael Connelly at the Premiere of Bosch, YouTube.com
Bosch Premiere Cast Photos, Facebook.com

January 28, 2015

January 14, 2015
Hello Bosch Fans! Happy New Year. We are less than a month away from the Bosch television show being available in all its 10-episode glory. Starting today, Amazon is putting up the new and improved pilot for viewing. You may be asking, do I really need to watch it again? Well, that of course is your choice but I thought I’d tell you a little bit about some of the changes we put into the pilot after we got the green light to film a whole season. The main changes are in regard to the court case. Bosch is being sued for killing a man during the investigation of a serial killer case. If you remember the original pilot, the trial started at the beginning of the case with opening statements from the attorneys and Harry in the defendant’s chair watching. When we got the go ahead on the first season we decided we should come into the trial after it is already underway and Harry Bosch is on the witness stand. We wanted Harry more active in the courtroom and this did the trick. We also had to bring in a few new actors because some actors in the pilot had schedule conflicts once we set our shooting schedule. One of the new ones is Mimi Rogers, who plays Money Chandler, the attorney suing Harry. She’s really good and just like the Money in the book. There are a couple of other added scenes as well. But I think the new courtroom scenes are very important because Harry is now a participant. He is testifying and revealing himself, and the information that comes out is important to his character and the rest of the episodes in the season. The new pilot is up and available now but if you ask me, I would wait to watch it when the whole season is available on February 13 and you can roll from the pilot right into episode 2. At least that’s what I think.
– Michael Connelly

January 14, 2015
Season 1 Trailer

January 14, 2015
Amazon to Debut its First Original Hour-Long Drama Series Bosch on February 13 in the US, UK and Germany

November 10, 2014
Official Teaser Trailer

October 30, 2014
Sunset at the studio at the end of another day of shooting. I leave now for a book tour and I’m very excited about The Burning Room and what Harry Bosch fans will think about it, especially the ending. But I am also very excited about the TV show Bosch. We are about to wrap up filming of the eighth episode and things are going extremely well. I’m very happy and excited about what Harry Bosch fans will think. Eight down, two to go. Terrill Lee Lankford and I just turned in the last episode after we finished writing it this morning. It’s a good feeling, matches the sunset….MC

October 27, 2014
Michael Connelly brings Harry Bosch to the small screen 

October 22, 2014
Michael Connelly on the Bosch Set: KCRW Design & Architecture
, audio interview on SoundCloud.com/KCRW

August 26, 2014:

August 14, 2014:

Wait's arrest
Production on the first season of Bosch has begun and so far so good. So great, actually. We’re filming extra scenes for the pilot and then nine more episodes that combine elements of The Concrete Blonde, City of Bones and Echo Park. Yes, Echo Park. We decided to add the creepy world of killer Raynard Waits into the mix. That’s him getting arrested in the photo above. In Waits’ case, the arrest only starts the story.

I’ve watched a lot of scenes this week with Harry Bosch and his partner Jerry Edgar. Played by Titus Welliver and Jamie Hector, I’m beginning to see the interplay between these two characters that is so vital in the books. They both are great and I can’t say enough about Titus. As Harry Bosch, he’s got to carry the biggest burden and he does it well. More so than me now, he’s the keeper of Harry Bosch and I’m not worried in the least.

We have many other fine actors aboard as well. Scott Wilson is back. Mimi Rogers and Jason Gedrick have taken on important roles. I spent a couple days watching an actor named Rob Brownstein do an excellent job as Nicholas Trent from City of Bones. I could go on and on, and don’t get me even started on locations. But I think we’ll be showing sights and sounds of LA that are not often seen. It’s very exciting. Stay tuned for news and updates here.

August 11, 2014:
First shot of the BOSCH season was filmed today in L.A. The show will begin streaming on Amazon Prime in Feb 2015.

July 21, 2014: 
Bosch Behind The Scenes Video on Amazon

May 6, 2014
Plans for nine more episodes of Bosch, the television show, are well underway. A great staff of writers and producers with credits ranging from The Sopranos to The Wire to Boardwalk Empire and Mad Men have signed on and we are in a month’s long brainstorming and writing period, which is the starting point for season one. We’ll move into pre-production next month with actual production to follow.

So far it has been fun and very gratifying to me. I see the character of Bosch being preserved in this new form of telling his story. At the same time, I see an amazing inventiveness when it comes to the challenges of taking stories that span two decades and a deep thinking and quiet character to the screen of contemporary L.A. No doubt this team is up to the task and I look forward to the day it can be shared with Bosch fans everywhere.  -MC

Now that it has been announced as official I can say with great enthusiasm that we are going forward with BOSCH, the screen adaptation of the Harry Bosch novels. I am so excited about this and it would have never come close to happening without the excitement and support of the fan base that watched and rated and shared the pilot thousands and thousands of times. Thank you so much!

I know there are all kinds of questions and most of them have no answers yet. I can tell you this – the first season will be the pilot and nine more episodes. The season will draw from City of Bones, The Concrete Blonde and Echo Park. What is super exciting to me is that the writers’ room for the show opens tomorrow and a highly accomplished team of skilled writers will begin sketching out the season and then writing the episodes. I will be there too and am looking forward to taking part.

Probably the biggest question is: when can I see it? Guess what?  That’s my biggest question too, but for now I don’t have an answer. Over the next several weeks the BOSCH creative team will be discussing this at length with Amazon Studios. The deeper question is what is the best way to deliver this story — all at once or in weekly installments. As soon as I have an answer I can share, I certainly will.

As far as where the show will be available, we know it will be in all Amazon territories, but now that we have the go ahead, we will begin the process of finding homes for the show in other territories around the world. So if you want to see it, let your local providers know. Next week I go to Europe to help in the process of pitching the show to new territories. I think because the Bosch books have already created a fan base in many of these places that we should be successful in interesting broadcast, cable and streaming content providers everywhere.

In addition to all the fans who came out and supported the show, I also need to thank the BOSCH creative team. This certainly has been a team effort with many people on both sides of the camera doing their best work because they already knew and loved the books or wanted to tell an LA story shot in LA. A lot of different reasons brought everyone together for the pilot and it came together in a way that made this decision — to me, at least — a no brainer. Thanks so much and keep watching here for updates on this exciting project.
— Michael Connelly


It’s official! BOSCH will be made into a series for Amazon Prime.  http://bit.ly/1fFWpMV







Titus Welliver is Harry Bosch1/10/2014
Today we turn the pilot episode of “Bosch” into Amazon Studios. It has been edited and polished and set to music. Our work is now done and I think we have made something really, really good. It is something that I am very proud of, have no regrets about, and that I think accurately portrays the character and story of Harry Bosch as well as the city of Los Angeles. There are some things that are new but so much that comes directly out of the books and what we know about Harry. And its got Titus Welliver as the man himself. I can’t think of another actor who could so tightly and perfectly bring Harry Bosch to life.

I’m excited for all of you Bosch fans to see it. I hope you will like it as much as I do.
— Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly Answered A Few Questions For Us About Bosch

Can you tell us what is different from the books in this TV show?
In making the shift from page to screen (whatever screen that may be) we brought in a fair amount of changes to the world of Harry Bosch. First of all we wanted the story to be contemporary – L.A. right now – and yet we had stories going back twenty years about a character who ages in real time.  We also had a character who had different romantic relationships, detective partners and supervisors along those twenty years, as well as a daughter who appears at some point. We also had a military history that would only work in L.A. right now if Harry was over 60 years old. So we picked and chose from all of those aspects from the books while creating a few new things as well. We built the first story/season from two of the books – City of Bones and The Concrete Blonde – as well as a short story called Cielo Azul.

The basic status of Harry in what we are filming is that he is 47 years old and a veteran of the first Gulf War in 1991, where he was part of a Special Forces team that cleared tunnels. He has now been a police officer for twenty years with a one year exception when he re-upped with the Army after 9/11, as many LAPD officers did. He came back to the force after serving in Afghanistan and again encountering tunnel warfare.

In Bosch, Harry is working at Hollywood Division on the homicide squad. His supervisor is Lt. Billets though Lt. Pounds is present in the story. His partner is Jerry Edgar and Deputy Chief Irvin Irving is an ominous presence in the story as well.

How are you involved?
My involvement in the pilot has been full time and I have approved everything we are doing every step of the way, including the casting of Titus Welliver as Harry Bosch. I think he is going to be perfect as he brings this character to life on screen. The pilot is being produced by Fabrik Entertainment, makers of previous shows such as The Killing and Burn Notice. The show runner is Eric Overmyer, who has worked on shows ranging from Homicide: Life on the Streets to The Wire and Treme.

I am very excited about the prospects of this show. Harry Bosch is not right for network TV and Amazon Studios reached out to me because they understood Harry Bosch and wanted to help me realize the character in this different dimension. We have a tight script, a great cast and production team, and I am very confident we are making something all Harry Bosch fans (including myself!) will embrace.

How does this work with Amazon?
We are producing the show for Amazon Studios which means that when it is released it will be streamed off Amazon’s instant video service. This means you can watch it on your computer or digital device as well as on your television if you have it set up with an Amazon connection.  However, like HBO or Netflix or any cable provider, Amazon streaming is a subscription service provided under Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime will be needed to watch it at some point.

– –

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