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Online Interviews

Crime Storytellers: Michael Connelly,, November 2021

Michael Connelly Can’t Stop Chasing Leads, September 2021

‘Bosch’ Creator Michael Connelly Sets Wonderland Murders Podcast At Audible,, June 2021

Michael Connelly on ‘fake news,’ COVID-19 writing and his nonprofit-set thriller,, May 2020

Author Michael Connelly stays busy sheltering at home,, May 2020

My First Thriller: Michael Connelly,, May 2020

2020 Shaping Up To Be A Busy Year For Michael Connelly, TampaBayTimes, October 2019

Michael Connelly on Cold Cases, Police Stories and his New Podcast,, March 2019

A Conversation with Michael Connelly, November 2018

Michael Connelly: From Bosch and Ballard to real-life detectives,, October 2018

Michael Connelly’s crime fiction career honoured with Diamond Dagger,, October 2018

Connelly honoured with CWA Diamond Dagger,, March 2018

Michael Connelly on His Journey to Novel and Television Fame,, October 2017

A Journalist At Heart, LA Review of Books, August 2017

Michael Connelly’s new book is his 30th, and it’s (mostly) Bosch-free,, July 2017

Why Michael Connelly Says It Took Him 30 Books to Finally Write a Female Heroine,, July 2017

Novelist Connelly introduces ‘fierce’ female detective, Houston Chronicle, July 2017

The fatherly advice that changed author Michael Connelly’s life,, July 2017

Michael Connelly kicks off a new series featuring LAPD Detective Renee Ballard,, July 2017

GoodReads Interview With Michael Connelly,, June 2017

The Late Show Q&A, website interview, June 2017

Best-Selling Author Michael Connelly Has Learned How To Bring ‘Bosch’ To Life On Page And On Screen,, December 2016

‘The Wrong Side of Goodbye,’ A Conversation with Michael Connelly, HuffingtonPost, November 2016

An Interview With Michael Connelly,, November 2016

Michael Connelly looks to the past in ‘Wrong Side of Goodbye,’ and to the future, TampaBayTimes, November 2016

Is Connelly’s latest Bosch’s swansong?,, November 2016

Crime writer Michael Connelly has a special way of saying goobye to Vin Scully,, September 2016

Bestselling Author Michael Connelly on Taking Harry Bosch from Books to TV,, March 2016

Who’s Pushing Harry Bosch’s Buttons?, The Story By Kindle, March 2016

Michael Connelly on George Cables and Frank Morgan, Wall Street Journal, March 2016

Michael Connelly interview: The modern Raymond Chandler on Bosch, The Long Goodbye, and LA’s neighbourhoods, The Independent, March 2016

Michael Connelly on Bosch Season 2, Web Site Interview, February 2016

There’s No Writer’s Block in a Newsroom,, April 2015

How ‘Bosch’ creator Michael Connelly turned his bestsellers into a TV series,, March 2015

‘Bosch’ series gets second season shortly after Amazon Prime premiere,, March 2015

Michael Connelly & Titus Welliver on What ‘Bosch’ Says About Police Post-Ferguson,, February 2015

With ‘Bosch,’ Amazon gambles on drama series,, February 2015

‘Bosch’: Amazon’s Drama Unfolds ‘Like Chapters of a Book’ Says Author Michael, February 2015

Michael Connelly’s L.A. centric book becomes Amazon’s first drama series ‘Bosch’, February 2015

Michael Connelly on the ‘Bosch’ Connection to, February 2015

Tampa’s Michael Connelly brings Bosch books to TV with Amazon Prime, February 2015

Writer Michael Connelly’s Teenage Brush With Crime,, February 2015

Michael Connelly Gives Insight into Detectives at Amazon’s ‘Bosch’ Premiere,, February 2015

Author Michael Connelly Brings Frank Morgan To The Screen,, January 2015

Michael Connelly: Why Everyone Should Read To Kill A Mockingbird,, November 2014

TV’s Where It’s At,, November 2014

The Burning Room and Bosch: A Talk With Michael Connelly,, November 2014

Michael Connelly reflects on his detective Harry, October 2014

Best-selling crime novelist Michael Connelly on Los Angeles,, October 2014

The Frank Morgan Story’ sounds like a fine fit at L.A. Film Festival,, June 2014

Michael Connelly, ‘Bosch’ make a case for series on Amazon Prime, Los Angeles Times, February 2014

TV’s new business model gives life to Harry Bosch, Houston Chronicle, January 2014

How I Write: Michael Connelly,, January 2014

5 Questions With Michael Connelly,, December 2013

Between The Lines, TheBigThrill,org, November 2013

Michael Connelly Interview,, November 2013

Author Michael Connelly juggles new novel, TV pilot,, November 2013

MC SQUARED: Michael Connelly & Me, The Waterstone’s Interview,, November 2013

Michael Connelly Stays Tuned To The Dark Side,, November 16, 2013

Why Michael Connelly keeps sending his fictional detective into darkness,, June 3, 2013

Michael Connelly Guest DJ Project,, February 13, 2012

Michael Connelly on the Book He Had To Stop Writing,, February 4, 2013

Five Questions For Michael Connelly,, November 26. 2012

Michael Connelly Talks About 20 Years Of Writing Crime Fiction,, November 24, 2012

Detective Has Been Good To His Creator,, November 24, 2012

The Teacher Michael Connelly Never Forgot,, November 24, 2012

Who’s The Toughest Guy Around?,, November 22, 2012

The Lonely Passion of Harry Bosch – Michael Connelly’s Flawed and Fascinating Crusader,,  November 16, 2012

A Killer Conversation With The Two Mikes Of Mystery,, September 7, 2012

Michael Connelly Partners Up To Pitch His Harry Bosch Books As A TV Series,, July 10, 2012

Remembering a Jazzman Who Overcame Heroin and Prison,, June 2012

Crime Master,, November 30, 2011

Michael Connelly Walks The Walk,, November 29, 2011

America Needs Us, Mr President,, November 27, 2011

Connelly gets The Drop on readers in new novel, November 25, 2011

Interview with Michael Connelly,, April 2011

The Lincoln Lawyer is Back and Fighting Foreclosures,, April 6, 2011

Author’s Former Job on Crime Beat Provides Hollywood Inspiration,, April 3, 2011

The Mysteries Of Hollywood,, April 1, 2011

Celebrity Watchlist: Writer Michael Connelly’s Love of Castle, Justified Is No Mystery,, March 2011

Michael Connelly, author of ‘The Lincoln Lawyer,’ draws on fact for his crime fiction,, March 18, 2011

Interview: Author Michael Connelly Goes From Page to Screen With ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’,, March 17, 2011

Matthew McConaughey, Michael Connelly Talk ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Over Beers,, March 13, 2011

King of Crime Offers Clues to Success,, October 2010

Michael Connelly Hits LA Streets Again With The Reversal,, October 2010

Catching Up With Crime Writer Michael Connelly,, October 2010

The Reversal Q & A, Web Site Interview, June 2010

Building Momentum: Michael Connelly discusses his popular detective series, his journalism background, and the future of the book,, February 2010

Writing Is A Solo Pursuit,, December 2009

What a Character! Los Angeles Plays a Role in Michael Connelly Books,, November 2009

“Write What You Never Want To Know”,, November 2009

U.S. Crime Writer Tackles a Real Hong Kong Cold Case,, November 2009

Police Detective Harry Bosch Is Back,, October 2009

Writer Changes Harry Bosch’s Life Forever,, October 2009

Nine Dragons Q & A, Web Site Interview, August 2009

10 Questions With Michael Connelly, TrendHunter,com, August 2009

Newspaper Noir,, June 2009

The Server Farm As A Plot Device,, June 2009

An Elegy For Print, A Murder To Solve,, May 2009

After Newsroom Layoff: It’s A Mystery,, May 2009

Michael Connelly: The Scarecrow Interview,, May 2009

No News Is Bad News In Michael Connelly’s Thriller “The Scarecrow”,, May 2009

The Scarecrow Interview, Web Site Interview, March 2009

City Of Angels: Sunny Place For Shady People,, November 2008

L.A. Not Guilty Of Most Charges, Says Crime Novelist,, Australia, November 2008

An Angel-Free Angeles,, October 2008

The Brass Verdict Interview, Web Site Interview, August 2008

Not One To Be Overlooked,, July 2007

Connelly Finds Writing Short Is Not So Sweet,, June 2007

The Overlook Q & A, Web Site Interview, February 2007

Michael Connelly Interviewed By Don Crouch,, October 9, 2006

Connelly Stays True To Crime,, June 21, 2005

The First Draft Of Mystery,, October 13, 2003

A Double-Barrelled Blast,

Chasing The Crime Writer,

The Narrative Thread,, May 13, 2002

Void Moon Interview, Web Site Interview

Michael Connelly Living Two Lives,, February 1999

Video Interviews

InEVitable Vodcast from MoterTrend Magazine,, November 2022

Tampa Bay Times Festival Of Reading – Michael Connelly Discusses The Law Of Innocence with Colette Bancroft,, November 2020

Michael Connelly on the Crew Reviews Podcast,, November 2020

Michael Connelly & John Grisham in Conversation for Waterstones,, May 2020

Michael Connelly & Jake Tapper in Conversation,, May 2020

Michael Connelly & Gregg Hurwitz in Conversation for Murder By The Book,, May 2020

Michael Connelly Virtual Event with the Poisoned Pen Bookstore,, May 2020

Michael Connelly & David Baldacci Interview,  AmazonLive, May 2020

Hollywood Heat: Michael Connelly On Dateline NBC,, August 2018

Off Camera With Sam Jones,, November 2017

Michael Connelly Talks The Crossing, Bosch and More,, June 2016

Crime Pays For Crime-Fiction Writer Michael Connelly,, April 2016

Larry King Now, Ora.TV, November 2015

Masters Series with Michael Connelly,, November 2015

Great Storytellers: Michael Connelly,, September 2015 (interview begins at 5:27)

The Future of Television,, April 2015

Michael Connelly at the Premiere of “Bosch”,, February 2015

Author Michael Connelly on new book “The Burning Room” and hit character,, November 2014

Crime Fiction Acaademy Master Class,, March 2014

Tired of Politics? Read a Book–Meet The Press,, December 2013

Michael Connelly Wants His Movies To Be Shot Only In Los Angeles,, December 2013

Michael Connelly Discusses The Lincoln Lawyer Movie,, February 2011

Share The Thrill,, December 2010

Michael Connelly Interview at Bouchercon 2010, YouTube,com, October 2010

Michael Connelly Drives Mulholland,, October 2010

Michael Connelly: 2009 National Book Festival, YouTube,com, October 2009

Video Interview With Michael Connelly, PopCultureNerd.WordPress .com, October 2009

Michael Connelly at Premio Pepe Carvalho 2009,, July 2009

Michael Connelly Talks About The Scarecrow at Waterstone’s In London,, May 2009

Michael Connelly Reads From The Scarecrow at Waterstone’s In London,, May 2009

Barnes and Noble Tagged!,, May 2009

The Artist’s Craft Interview, Michael Connelly interviewed by Stacey Cochran for Raleigh Television Network,, October 2008

Michael Connelly on his new paperback, The Overlook,, August 2008

Wall Street Journal’s Bob Hughes speaks with author Michael Connelly at LA Book Expo,, June 2008

Audio Interviews:

Simon Mayo’s Books Of The Year Podcast, June 2021

The Mike Lupica Podcast,, January 2019

Author Michael Connelly on Cops, Crime Reporting, and Classic Noir, Kickass News Podcast, November 2018

The B&N Podcast,, November 2017

The Mike Lupica Podcast,, October 2017

Just The Right Book Podcast,, August 2017

Bestseller Experiment Podcast,, November 2016

Speaking of Mysteries Podcast,, November 2016

Kobo Writing Life Podcast – Episode 048 – Michael Connelly,, December 2015

New York Times Book Review Podcast – Michael Connelly on The Crossing,, October 2015

Michael Connelly Brings “Bosch” to Life on Amazon,, March 2015

Novelist Michael Connelly sees Matthew McConaughey as his lawyer,, July 12, 2011

Michael Connelly In Conversation,, May 23, 2012

The Nine Dragons Interview,, October 2009

Podcast For The National Book Festival,, September 2009

Michael Connelly and the Tattered Cover Book Store Podcast for The Scarecrow,, July 2009

A Conversation with Crime Author Michael Connelly, Booked.TV Podcast MP3, May 2009

Lewis Burke Frumkes Radio Show,, January 2009

Blog Talk Radio Call-In Live Interview,, October 2008

Behind The Black Mask: Mystery Writers Revealed,, October 2008

The Brass Verdict Interview,, October 2008

Real People Inhabit Michael Connelly’s Fictional L.A.,, Morning Edition, August 2007

The Overlook Interview,, May 23, 2007

The Echo Park Interview,, November 3, 2006

The Crime Beat Interview,, May 8, 2006

Novelist Connelly Revisits His ‘Crime Beat’ Days,, April 29, 2006

Michael Connelly and the Tattered Cover Book Store Podcast for The Lincoln Lawyer,, February 8, 2006

The Lincoln Lawyer Interview,, October 3, 2005

Minnesota Public Radio, Midmorning With Kari Miller, interview with bestselling author John Sandford,, May 27, 2005

The Closers Interview,, May 16, 2005