Police & FBI Acronyms

Police and FBI Acronyms, Codes and Terminology Used In the Books

187 California Penal Code for Murder
187 LEO California Penal Code for Murder of a Law Enforcement Officer
3056 California Penal Code for Parole Hold
5150 California Penal Code for Mentally Unstable
51 Reports Citizen Complaint Files
51s Investigative Chronology reports
ACU Asian Crimes Unit
ADW Assault with a Deadly Weapon
AFIS Automated Fingerprint Identification System
AFS Automated Firearm System
AG Attorney General
AGU Asian Gang Unit
ATF Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
BAM By Any Means
BANG Boulevard Anti-Narcotics Group
BAR Bureau Assistance Request form
BOLO Be on the Lookout
BOR Board of Rights
BPO Black Peace Officers
BSS Behavioral Science Section

Crimes Against Persons



Cleared By Arrest

Criminal Courts Building

CHP California Highway Patrol
CI Confidential Informant
CIR Critical Incident Report
CLET Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team
CO Commanding Officer
Code Seven Out of Service, On A Break, Off Duty
Code Three Lights And Sirens, Emergency
Code Two Respond As Soon As Possible
CODIS Combined DNA Index System
CP Command Post
CR Chronological Record
CRA Community Redevelopment Agency
CRASH Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums
CRT Crime Response Team
CUBA Conduct Unbecoming An Attorney
CUBO Conduct Unbecoming An Officer
DA District Attorney
DB Dead Body
DCFS Department of Children and Family Services
DDs Due Diligence reports
DEA Drug Enforcement Agency
DL Drivers License
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DNA Do Not Approach
DOB Date of Birth
DOJ Department of Justice
DP Deployment Period
DPS Department of Public Services
DPSS Department of Public Social Services
DYS Division of Youth Services
EE Electrostatic Enhancement
ERT Emergency Response Team
ESB Evidence Storage Building
ESD Evidence Storage Division
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FI Field Interview
FO Field Office
GBI Great Bodily Injury
GIU Gang Intelligence Unit
GOSD Gang and Operations Support Division
GRIT Gang Related Information Tracking
GSR Gunshot Residue
IAD Internal Affairs Division
IED Improvised Explosive Device
Interpol International Criminal Police Organization
IO Investigating Officer
IR Interview Room
ISL Involuntary Stress Leave
K-9 Jacket Keep Away Status in jail
KAs Known Associates
LAFD Los Angeles Fire Department
LAPD Los Angeles Police Department
LWP Life Without Parole
MCT Mobile Computer Terminal
MDT Mobile Digital Terminal
ME Medical Examiner
MPPD Monterey Park Police Department
NCIC National Crime Information Center, National Crime Index   Computer
O3 Office of Operations
OC Organized Crime
OCID Organized Crime Intelligence Division
OCP Office of the Chief of Police
OCU Organized Crime Unit
OD Overdose
OHS Office of Homeland Security
OIR Original Incident Report
OIS Officer Involved Shooting
One-K-Twelve radio designation for an RHD Homicide Detective
OP Observation Point
OPG Official Police Garage
OPR Office of Professional Responsibility
OT Overtime
PAB Public Administration Building
PC Probable Cause
PCD Probable Cause Detention
PDU Public Disorder Unit
PI Private Investigator
RAT Radiological Attack Team
REACT Rapid Response Enforcement and Counterterrorism
RHD Robbery-Homicide Division
RO Reporting Officer
ROD Relieved of Duty
ROR Released On Own Recognizance
RTC Return To Custody
RTD Return To Duty
SID Scientific Investigation Division
SIS Special Investigation Section
Staff Two radio designation for Assistant Chief of Police
Ten-Seven Dinner Break, Out of Service, Home
T & L report Time and Location, Alibi Sheet
TOD Time of Death
Twenty Subject’s Home
Two-Six Forthwith From the Chief’s Office
UM Unfit Mother
UNSUB Unknown Subject
VICAP Violent Criminal Apprehension Program