The Brass Verdict Reviews

“Bestseller Connelly delivers one of his most intricate plots to date in his 20th book, a beautifully executed crime thriller. …Bosch might have met his match in the wily Haller, and readers will delight in their sparring.”
— Publishers Weekly, * Starred Review

“Connelly plays the dueling characters off against one another effectively, especially for those familiar with the previous books, but it isn’t all about backstory. Like Lincoln Lawyer, this is a fine legal thriller, full of both electric courtroom scenes and fascinating behind-the-scenes stuff about the business of lawyering. Connelly is justly celebrated for his characters and his ability to create mood from the sights and sounds of L.A., but he’s also a terrific plotter, and that skill is in high relief here. Essential for fans; a great read for anybody.”
— Bill Ott, Booklist, * Starred Review

“The answer to every Connelly fan’s dream: Hieronymus Bosch meets the Lincoln Lawyer. …Connelly brings his two sleuths together in a way that honors them both.”
— Kirkus Reviews, * Starred Review

“Connelly is firing on all cylinders in this epic page-turner. The intriguing story line, the chance to view Bosch from another perspective, and Haller’s reappearance as a main character add up to a fantastic read. One of the best thrillers of the year and a mandatory purchase for all public libraries.”
— Jeff Ayers, Library Journal

“…I tore into Michael Connelly’s The Brass Verdict, which is everything you’d expect in a Connelly novel — twisty, fast and assured. I would also have to nominate the title, The Brass Verdict, as being the greatest Chandlerian title to come along in years. It refers to street justice, something this book contains in spades.”
— JB Dickey, Seattle Mystery Bookshop

“Do not begin The Brass Verdict if you have pressing commitments or responsibilities. They could be seriously neglected. The 20th mystery by Michael Connelly is not a mystery novel. With an intricate plot and more than a few surprises, it is a drama in the purest sense of the word.”
— J. Curran,

“Connelly fans will love having two of his best characters in a single book.”
— Armchair Interviews

“Clever plotting, numerous twists, satisfying yet surprising endings and crystal-clear writing. If you are already a fan, [Connelly’s] twentieth book will satisfy like a case of your favorite treat. If you’ve lived in a cave and have never tried a Connelly novel, dive in—you’ll love it.”
— Deadly Pleasures Mystery Magazine

“…superb novel.”
— Otto Penzler, The New York Sun

“When it comes to series mysteries, there’s everybody else and then there’s Michael Connelly. Is he really that good, you ask? Oh yeah, he’s really that good. …So as not to give away too much of the plot, let’s just say this: The Brass Verdict is a certified page-turner that will suck you in from page one, and not let you go until the final sentence.”
— Bruce Tierney, Book Page

“Although they present themselves as opposite numbers — Mickey’s a romantic, soulful sleazebag, Bosch a dour and abrasive loner — they’re brothers in more than just name. Each uses the tools of his trade, however unconventionally, to find the truth in Connelly’s Los Angeles, where everybody does, indeed, lie.”
— Entertainment Weekly

“A solid, suspenseful plot full of twists and surprises is de rigueur for a  Michael Connelly novel, and he certainly brings plenty of that in his 19th novel.  …The Brass Verdict is gold.”
— Oline H. Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“a terrific ride.”
— Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post