The Night Fire Reviews

One of the 10 Best Crime Novels of the Year
– Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

Best Mystery Books of 2019
-Oline Cogdill, Sun Sentinel

“Master storyteller Connelly manages to top himself with his latest intensely gripping thriller”
– Library Journal Starred Review

“Connelly is without peer when it comes to police procedurals, and once again proves that he’s the modern master of the form.”
– Publishers Weekly Starred Review

“Not only has Connelly created another fully formed series lead in Renée, who has her own fascinating backstory, but he has also forged a fascinating yin-and-yang relationship between the old school Harry and the unconventional loner Renèe… Master chef Connelly has once again combined familiar ingredients into a new and completely satisfying dish.”
– Bill Ott, Booklist Starred Review

“There’s something for everyone in this jam-packed plot: murder, arson, professional rivalry, salty cop talk and noisy domestic disputes that turn very ugly very quickly. Me, I go for the procedural details: who does what and how things get done from the minute the cops on shift at the Hollywood Division are sent to investigate a murder. Connelly is pretty much the current dean of procedural writers. His main characters – Bosch, Ballard and Haller – use different methods but nobody misses a trick.”
– Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

” “He has created another novel that feels authentic on every level, and the underlying theme of mortality running through the narrative makes everything in the story more urgent.”
– Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

“In “The Night Fire,” Connelly again shows his mission: strong plots and sturdy characters.”
– Oline Cogdill, Sun Sentinel

The Night Fire’s gritty nightscape and cast of compassionate characters will hook anyone, whether or not they’re already a Connelly fan.”
– Apple Books Review

“some things are just the very best. Such as the work of Michael Connelly, whose The Night Fire is further proof of his undimmed creativity. …Connelly demonstrates once again why he is held in such esteem.”
– Barry Forshaw, The Financial Times

“Complexity and compassion combine in a humdinger of a thriller.”
– Evening Standard (UK)

“nobody writes Los Angeles street life better than Connelly.”
– The Times (UK)

“storylines are advanced and interwoven with characteristic meticulous craft.”
– Sunday Times (UK)

“Connelly…is one of the kings of American crime and this newest novel . . . is one of the most eagerly awaited
books of the year”
– i Newspaper

“Author Michael Connelly expertly entwines these storylines, and several others, like a master weaver until there’s no way you want to put the book down.”

“Connelly continues to cement his legacy as one of the greatest crime writers of all time, and reading one of his books is an experience unlike anything else the genre has to offer. Look for The Night Fire to make everyone’s “Best of” lists at the end of the year . . . right where it belongs.”
– The Real Book Spy

“Connelly is in top storytelling form, weaving seamlessly unrelated pieces of information to form a case that will leave readers breathless. Whoever thought that Bosch was finished as an investigator is so wrong; the addition of Ballard as his “partner” has breathed new life into this complex and fascinating series. We highly recommend this brilliant book.”
– Authors On The Air – Book Review Crew

The Night Fire glows with the instincts and intelligence Bosch and Ballard bring to their pursuit of the truth.”
– Colette Bancroft, Tampa Bay Times

“A cold case pulls Harry Bosch back from retirement and into another eventful partnership with Detective Renée Ballard of the LAPD. …guaranteed to please anyone who thinks the cops sometimes get it wrong.”
– Kirkus Reviews

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