Echo Park Reviews

“Connelly remains a master at constructing plots that, like contrapuntal themes in music, echo one another. ”
— Bill Ott, Booklist * Starred Review

“Smooth prose and plausible characters—even the secondary figures—elevate this several notches above the standard cop vs. serial-killer thriller.”
— Publishers Weekly * Book of the Week

“Connelly offers a stellar demonstration of why, as Harry says, “taking it straight to the heart is the way of the true detective,” whatever the costs to himself and others.”
— Kirkus Reviews, * Starred Review

“Connelly’s plots are never straightforward, and he keeps us guessing until the exciting and bitter conclusion to this latest episode in a splendid series.”
— Susanna Yager, The Daily Telegraph (London)

Echo Park is by far the best mystery I have read in a long, long time including past great efforts by Connelly.”
— Richard Lanoie,

“admirers of Connelly’s Bosch novels will know that his depiction of his dedicated hero always has the ring of authenticity. And, amid the excitements of his vertiginous plot, Connelly takes the time to consider whether Harry’s determination to get his man is worth the sacrifices he makes.”
— Jake Kerridge, The Daily Telegraph (London)

“Connelly has produced another blindingly good plot which, mixed with spellbinding action, takes us deep into a corrupt world. Not for the first time do we discover that there is a very fine line indeed between criminals and the police. This is crime thriller writing of the highest order.”
— Matthew Lewin, The Guardian (London)

“This is Connelly doing what he does best: delivering a beautifully structured, richly atmospheric crime novel.”
— Barry Forshaw, The Express (UK)

“Connelly showcases the beautiful and ugly sides of the City of Angels, sometimes “the city of angles.” Right now, three novels are vying for my top mystery of the year. “Echo Park” is one of them.”
— Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“If any living author is channeling Raymond Chandler, it has to be Michael Connelly.”
— Robin Vidimos, The Denver Post

Echo Park received the following honors:
The Globe and Mail (Canada) Top 100 Books In 2006
—The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Oline Cogdill,  Best of 2006
—The New York Sun, Otto Penzler, 10 Best Mysteries of the Year
—The Mirror (London), Henry Sutton, Best of 2006
—Echo Park won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize For Best Mystery/Thriller