Chasing The Dime Reviews

Named one of the Best Books Of 2002 by the Los Angeles Times

“Connelly diabolically teases readers with bits of exposition while scaring the hell out of them in the most accomplished slice of Hitchcock since the Master’s heyday. The result is a tour de force of nerve-shredding suspense.”
— Kirkus Reviews * starred review

“Connelly’s plotting is shrink-wrap tight, his characters… are smartly drawn. It’s the rare reader who will be able to finger the villain behind all the mayhem. …this is the perfect book for a long airplane ride…”
— Publishers Weekly

“…it’s a grabber from the beginning, and the subject matter is utterly compelling. …marvelously detailed particulars of both experimental computing and online sex for hire. Connelly brings the two worlds together in a slam-bang finale that will leave fans gasping.”
— Booklist

“”Chasing the Dime” creates a scarily high-tech brand of intrigue. Mr. Connelly is a spare, expeditious storyteller with a natural talent for generating forward momentum.”
— Janet Maslin, New York Times

“With each chapter, Connelly tests his hero and achieves his full potential as an author.”
— USA Today

“As one of today’s top crime novelists, Michael Connelly does many things well. The strongest aspect of his writing, however, may be his ability to create atmosphere, and his compellingly readable new thriller, “Chasing the Dime,” has it in spades.”
Connor Ennis, Associated Press

“From the compelling beginning to an action-packed finale, Connelly will have readers Chasing the Dime.”
— Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“…a penetrating look at the power of curiosity to change a life, whether it’s applied to inventing molecular computers or tracking a mysterious call girl. …Taking a supergeek who spends all his time in an underground, copper-clad lab and forcing him to apply scientific method to peer into the sleazy corners of the real world is a stroke of pure brilliance.”
— The Times-Picayune

“Chasing the Dime is the do-not-miss mystery of the season!”
— BookPage

“If you are looking for a great thriller this is it! Michael Connelly does an excellent job. This book is loaded with suspense. It is a book that will hold you captive until you read through the very last page. Be prepared to stay up all night until you finish the book! If you don’t read another book this year, you must read this one!”

“It’s a brilliant departure from the author’s noir Harry Bosch novels, which I also enjoy a great deal. Chasing the Dime is a powerful combination of mystery (what happened to Lilly?) and thriller (what will happen to Henry?), with the added fascination of a window into one of the most exciting areas of research today.”

“In Chasing the Dime, as he did in Blood Work, Connelly takes an entirely innovative idea and runs with it, creating a story that is hard to put down.”