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In Addition To Books…

  • Michael has produced a drama pilot for Amazon called Bosch.
  • Michael has produced a documentary film about the late jazz saxophonist, Frank Morgan. The film, Sound of Redemption, focuses on Frank’s tale of redemption from drug addict, conman and convict to beloved elder statesman of jazz. This documentary film was directed by N.C. Heikin, and produced by James Egan and Michael.  Follow this film on Facebook.
  • Two of Michael’s books have been adapted into movies. Blood Work, directed by and starring Clint Eastwood, was released in 2002. The Lincoln Lawyer, starring Matthew McConaughey, was released in 2011.
  • Michael Connelly often gets asked about the music that he mentions in his books. So we’ve created a complete list of the music and musicians mentioned in the novels. He even produced a limited edition CD in 2003, Dark Sacred Night: the Music of Harry Bosch, that he gave away on his book tour for Lost Light.
  • See pictures of many of the real places mentioned in Michael’s books in our Photo Gallery.
  • Watch book videos and trailers.
  • We’ve posted a list of many of the police And FBI acronyms used in the books.
  • Michael has, on occasion, acted in the poker scenes of the ABC show Castle.
  • Michael and his US publisher produced a short film and gave it away as a limited edition DVD, Blue Neon Night, Michael Connelly’s Los Angeles, on his 2004 book tour for The Narrows.
  • Michael was the co-creator of a short-lived TV show called Level 9 in 2000.