Bosch Season 2 Q &A

Bosch Season 2Bosch Season 2 Q & A 

Question: At the end of Bosch season one, Detective Harry Bosch gets suspended from the LAPD and he leaves Los Angeles to go visit his daughter in Las Vegas. Where and when does season two pickup?

Michael Connelly: It picks up six months later on the day that Harry goes back to work from his suspension for throwing Capt. Pounds through a window. He shaves off his beard and heads in. Soon enough he and Edgar catch a case. A man – later determined to be in the pornography business – is found shot to death and stuffed in the trunk of his Bentley. In the 1997 book Trunk Music it was a Rolls Royce but we were told all the rich pornographers drive Bentleys now.

Question: Season two of Bosch has plot elements taken mainly from Trunk Music with additional parts from The Drop and The Last Coyote. How did you decide which book plot points to use?

Michael Connelly: I find it interesting how it all comes about. As a priority for season two we wanted to show more of Harry’s relationship with his daughter. Well, she lives in Las Vegas with her mother. So Trunk Music, which is partly set in Vegas, became an obvious choice. It became the backbone of the season and we then supplemented it with elements of the two other books. I particularly like how we updated The Last Coyote and hinted at it for several episodes before focusing on it in the finale. It’s really an important part of the Bosch story.

Question: How closely does season 2 follow the books?

Michael Connelly: That’s hard to answer. Two of these books are 20 years old and in them Bosch didn’t have a daughter, let alone things like cell phones, Internet and other modern law enforcement tools like DNA, etc. So just contemporizing the story requires change. But I think we are true to the character of Harry and many important plot points. In other words, same good guys, same bad guys.

Question: Can you tell us about some of the new characters we will meet in season two and the actors who play them?

Michael Connelly: We really got a great crew of new guest stars big and small. Jeri Ryan plays the femme fatale Veronica Allen, who is the widow of the man in the trunk. Brent Sexton, who did a great turn on The Killing, plays Carl Nash, a retired cop turned security guard, who plays a key part in the investigation. They are entwined in the plot through the whole season but we had some great one and done performances – one scene appearances. Probably too many to go through here but I was constantly wowed when i was on the set and I would see actors killing it in front of the camera. You add all of that to the outstanding work turned in by our regulars – Titus, Jamie, Amy, Lance, Sarah and Madison – and you have a season that I am really excited about.

Question: From your perspective, how was working on Bosch season two? Was it easier or better than season one?

Michael Connelly: I always say that the more you do something the better you get at it. I think we had more confidence and know-how this year and it paid off in what we got on film. I loved and am proud of season one but I feel better about season two.

Question: Will there be a season 3?

Michael Connelly: That’s the plan but we won’t know anything official until after it drops March 11 and we see how many people watch and what they are saying about it. Confidence is high, though. We are already thinking about season 3 and what books to tackle.