Void Moon Reviews

“Connelly always writes in a spare, honed style that is all muscle and no spare flesh.  “Void Moon” is a prime cut, keeping up its hot pace right to the end.”
—  Publishing News, UK

“Connelly really does his homework…and the pacing of this thriller is as good as you’ll find in the genre.  “Void Moon” offers readers a full house of entertainment.  Bet on it.”
— Booklist

“Even though Harry Bosch is nowhere to be found, Connelly has written his best book to date.  In astrology, a void moon is considered bad luck, but Connelly’s “Void Moon” is better than a four-leaf clover.  Highly Recommended.”
— The Library Journal

“”Void Moon”…is that rarity—a riveting, breathless thriller that not only sucks you in completely, it leaves you with the satisfying feeling that you haven’t been wasting your time on brain candy.”
— The Los Angeles Times