The Wrong Side Of Goodbye Reviews

“Connelly continues to discover new depths to his character and new stories to tell that reveal those depths in always compelling ways. Hats off one more time to a landmark crime series.”
– Booklist *starred review

“Grade-A Connelly. …everything else clicks in this latest chapter of a compulsively good cop’s odyssey through the City of Angels and its outlying neighborhoods and less angelic spirits.”
– Kirkus Review

“proves once again what a master storyteller Connelly is.”
– BookPage

“This latest Bosch outing is its own accomplishment: brooding and intricate, suspenseful and sad. In short, it’s another terrific Michael Connelly mystery.”
Washington Post

“Connelly is an old hand at weaving together several major plots. The two he creates in The Wrong Side of Goodbye are just the kind of plots that make the Bosch books so irresistible: They combine the procedural, with its emphasis on the detail-oriented mechanics of investigation, with engaging human stories to which both Bosch and the reader connect.”
Tampa Bay Times

“Certainly, we’ve gotten snippets of Bosch’s past in earlier books. We know he volunteered to fight, came out of the war and joined the police department. But here Connelly fills in the backstory with critical depth and insight. What’s more, it feels completely fresh.   …Connelly almost seems at his best when Bosch is uneasy, out of his element, fighting against the system for justice. It is impossible for Connelly to tell a bad story. Moving effortlessly between Bosch’s private and public cases, he ratchets up the tension.”
– The Arizona Republic 

“Sooner or later, Harry Bosch will have to turn in his gun and retire from police work, but until that time Michael Connelly continues to think up creative ways to keep his old war horse on the job.  …here we’re seeing Bosch at his best”
New York Times

“it is immensely satisfying to see Bosch’s sustained and deepened passion for his mission— “Everybody count or nobody counts” — undiminished by age or circumstance”
– Los Angeles Times

“To say Connelly has written another masterful crime novel would not be enough praise.”
Jeff Ayers, Associated Press

“Michael Connelly is the Chandler of our age… …The Wrong Side of Goodbye only enhances Connelly’s status.”
South China Morning Post

“Of all the big-name writers who dominate this genre, Mr. Connelly is the most solid, old-school pro.”
Janet Maslin, New York Times

“Connelly continues to do justice to his most famous character.  …Connelly’s melding of the police procedural, private detective novel and intense character study remains solid. Harry isn’t with the LAPD anymore, but readers will be glad to know he is still on the job.”
Oline Cogdill,

“Michael Connelly writes with a seamless unity of tone and pace that makes reading his crime novels absolutely effortless and totally engaging. In his latest, “The Wrong Side of Goodbye,” his narrative rolls out in a perfect parade of action, memory, emotion, color and tension. The grand marshal of this pageant is Mr. Connelly’s great character Harry Bosch, and although told in the third person, the reader is firmly in Harry’s head and heart.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“it’s a powerful, Macdonald-esque meditation on the claims the past exerts on the present.  …Such are Connelly’s narrative skills, that the reader is drawn into both of these stories before they get off the ground. Few mystery novelists make background facts and simple descriptions sing the way this writer does. And no writer exploits Los Angeles — its geography, its historical power wars, its celebrity culture, its lore — as compellingly as Connelly.”
Chicago Tribune

“It may be Connelly’s twenty-first Harry Bosch book but it is fresh and innovative from the first page till the last.”
Jackie K Cooper, The Huffington Post

“With both cases, Michael Connelly is in prime form, giving us Bosch at his highest level of investigative inspiration.”
Toronto Star

“The two plotlines keep the pages turning in this fast paced, beautifully written tale. I can’t remember the last time a Connelly book didn’t make my best books of the year list, and this one certainly will. I read this book in one sitting, I couldn’t put it down. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; Michael Connelly is the finest writer today in crime fiction, bar none.”
Stacey Alesi,

“Connelly continues to hit it out of the park.”
 – Crime Watch

“With suspense, thrills and exquisite writing, Connelly’s on the right side of brilliance.”
– Peterborough Telegraph (UK)

‘This is storytelling at its best from one of America’s greatest living crime writers:
Daily Express (UK) 

‘Thriller of the Week”
Mail On Sunday (UK)

“Immensely satisfying…. A compelling homage to Chandler’s Philip Marlowe and Los Angeles.”
Daily Mail (UK)

“Michael Connelly’s Harry Bosch books continue to enchant and engage. The Wrong Side of Goodbye manages to be every bit as good as early masterpieces such as The Concrete Blonde and Trunk Music. ”
The Globe and Mail (Canada)

“This being a Michael Connelly mystery it is of course excellent.  …Every Connelly is a must read for any mystery fan.”

“Connelly brilliantly weaves both investigations together with breakneck pacing and more surprises along the way than in previous novels. Longtime fans will be pleased to see several characters from earlier books in the series making cameos, including Bosch’s half-brother, defense attorney Mickey Haller, whose role in this book is small but important. With heart-pounding suspense written into every page and several never-saw-it-coming twists along the way, Bosch races to uncover the identities of two very different people, for two totally different reasons. Harry Bosch is a great character, and nobody does this stuff better than Michael Connelly. The Wrong Side of Goodbye is easily one of the year’s best mystery novels and a must-read for thriller fans everywhere.”

-Washington Post Best Mystery Books And Thrillers Of 2016