Resurrection Walk Reviews

“Mickey teams up once again with retired LAPD detective Harry Bosch, the star of his own separate series, in a stunning combination of police and legal procedural. …As always, Connelly, who won the Edgar Grand Master Award in 2023, makes the tedious work of investigation fascinating as he shuttles between Mickey’s and Harry’s hard-bitten points of view.” 
– Booklist ⭐️ Starred Review

“What really stands out here, however, is that Connelly never lets you forget, from his title onward, the life-or-death issues behind every move in the game. The most richly accomplished of the brothers’ pairings to date—and given Connelly’s high standards, that’s saying a lot.”
Kirkus ⭐️ Starred Review

“Another solid series installment from Connelly. This Lincoln Lawyer/Harry Bosch crossover is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats as Mickey absorbs each legal setback. A brief appearance by Renee Ballard, as well as a few other familiar faces from the Harry Bosch universe, will delight fans.”
– Library Journal

“Crime novelist Michael Connelly just keeps getting better with Resurrection Walk …I’ve run out of laudatory adjectives.”
– Curt Schleier, Minneapolis Star Tribune

“The Lincoln Lawyer series keeps giving, and No. 7 thrives with the help of the dream team of Connelly characters, Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch. This is a prime-time legal thriller.”
– Barnes & Noble

“I love Harry Bosch riding shotgun with the Lincoln Lawyer, each gaining new respect for the other, as they work a stacked-deck legal case with real emotional heft, in and out of the courtroom.”
– Vannessa Cronin, Amazon Editor, Amazon’s Best Books Of November

“Connelly’s superb plot maintains high suspense until the final page, a hallmark of this author’s reputation.”
– Oline Cogdill, South Florida Sun Sentinel, Best Mystery Fiction Books of 2023

“From the streets to the courtroom, Connelly’s 38th novel hits all the right notes for fans of the well-developed characters and intelligent plotlines in the Bosch universe.”
– Becky Meloan, The Washington Post

“The two characters have made appearances in each other’s books before, but “Resurrection Walk” comes closest to being a true duet, not just in terms of the two being almost equal players in the story but because it focuses on the changing relationship between the brothers. Connelly is, as always, a master of the legal thriller and the mystery story, both solidly based in meticulous research. But what makes his books soar is characters we want to come back to, and in “Resurrection Walk,” even after writing 24 books about Bosch and six about Haller (not to mention three streaming TV series), he’s still got something fresh and moving to say about them.”
– Colette Bancroft, The Tampa Bay Times

“No one crafts a crime fiction narrative quite like Connelly. …a masterfully orchestrated legal dance.”
– Andrew Smith, Mystery & Suspense Magazine

“another first rate novel by Connelly and one of my favourites of the year.”
Jeff Popple, Murder Mayhem and Long Dogs (Australia)

““Superior courtroom thriller.”
– Natasha Harding, The Sun (UK)

“The climactic court scenes are superb.”
– Mark Sanderson, The Times (UK)

“In my opinion, Michael Connelly is one of the best authors writing today. …Connelly uses this story to address the ongoing issue of police corruption in America.”
– Edel Coffey, The Irish Times

“The perfect combination of courtroom drama and police procedural, with the most equal pairing of Haller and Bosch to date, Connelly’s latest masterpiece shows why he’s the crime writer all his rivals look up to.”
– Jon Coates, Sunday Express (UK)

“Another cracker…Super read.”
– The Belfast Telegraph

“This is Connelly at his glittering best; full of twists and insights, it grips like a hungry python.”
– Daily Mail (UK),  a Novel of the Year in the Crime/Thriller category

“A real treat for fans.”
– Crime Monthly

“Haller’s legal savvy plays off Bosch’s investigative skills, adding to the suspense and pleasures of this immensely satisfying book.”
– Tom Nolan, Wall Street Journal

“Connelly has once again woven his timely, procedural alchemy and immediately placed us in a world that is familiar to loyal readers but compelling and exciting enough for new converts. Inside or outside the courtroom, Connelly is still king.”
– Echo Chamber Online

– Amazon Editors’ Best Mysteries & Thrillers of the Year list
Financial Times’ Best Books of 2023