Lost Light Reviews

“What Connelly does so well in this series is to contrast Harry’s desperate need to play the role of the avenger with his growing realization that what he must do to play that role has alienated him from the human intimacy he craves. It isn’t an uncommon theme in hard-boiled novels, but Connelly manages to rub it raw in a way that others can’t quite equal. It’s never pretty watching Harry edge toward connection with those he loves and then back away, drawn by the pain of others, but it just may be the most compelling train wreck in crime fiction.”
— Booklist * starred review

“Award-winning former crime reporter Connelly hits all the right notes with this latest in his Edgar-winning mystery series featuring sax-playing L.A. detective Harry Bosch. …This exciting procedural is as good as any in the series, and Connelly’s concluding coda has a kicker about Harry’s private life that will draw gasps of astonishment from longtime readers.”
— Publishers Weekly * starred review

“Amazingly, Connelly manages to keep every new curve not only clear but breathlessly exciting. Mystery fans will cherish echoes of The Doorbell Rang and The Long Goodbye, but the best news is that prodigious Connelly hasn’t been content simply to echo his own earlier successes.”
— Kirkus Reviews * starred review

“Not only is Michael Connelly’s ninth Harry Bosch novel one of his best, but it takes this important series in interesting new directions.”
— Patrick Anderson, Washington Post

“…Bosch wears his depression like armor, making him the perfect hero for our paranoid age.”
— Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

“Bosch is among the most complex of the recurring characters in contemporary crime fiction. …Lost Light succeeds, and as Bosch is carried along the arc of his life, the reader is given the gift of an intimate look at the world through the eyes of this complex character…”
— Denver Post

“Harry Bosch is back. Like his creator, he never disappoints. In Lost Light, Michael Connelly ventures into new territory by having the taciturn Bosch narrate the story. It takes nerve and skill to tinker with a formula as successful as the Bosch series. Happily, Connelly has plenty of both. …Lost Light has all of the ingenious plotting and skillful writing that are Connelly’s hallmarks.”
  The Baltimore Sun

“In Lost Light, he sets Harry on a course delving deeper into the character’s psyche. He remains this generation’s Raymond Chandler.”
— Oline Cogdill,  South Florida Sun-Sentinel

“Connelly’s skill as a prose craftsman remains in full force. He writes about the city of Los Angeles and its environs as poignantly and beautifully as anyone since Nathaniel West.”
— David Montgomery, January Magazine

“Harry dusts off his old files and takes another look. What happens afterwards is Connelly at the top of his form. How lucky we are to be along for the ride!”
— Ruth Jordan, MysteryOne.com

“Bosch tells this tale in first person voice, and Connelly’s Chandler-like narrative is as powerful and moving as ever. I have already re-read many parts of the book. In fact this is Michael’s finest work to date. This book is outstanding on many levels.”
— Richard Katz, MysteryOne.com

“It’s a remarkable thriller even for those not already fans of Hieronymus Bosch. If you’ve followed his adventures through the series, as I have, you’ll find the ending immensely satisfying, as the ‘lost light’ of the title seeps into Harry’s wounded soul.”
— BookLoons.com

“Connelly is the true heir of the hard-boiled tradition perfected by Raymond Chandler’s “Philip Marlowe” novels and those heartfelt exposes of Californian corruption exemplified by Ross Macdonald’s “Lew Archer” classic series of mystery books.”
— Hackwriters.com