City of Bones Reviews

Nominated for the 2003 Edgar Award for Best Novel.
Named a Notable Book Of The Year by the New York Times

“Harry Bosch is at the top of his form… His latest adventure is as dark and angst-ridden as any of Bosch’s past outings, but it also crackles with energy — especially in the details of police procedure and internal politics that animate virtually every page.”
— Publishers Weekly *starred review

“…Bosch never stops feeling the bruises he has acquired through multiple encounters with evil. His view of the world darkens with each case, and he feels more and more powerless: “True evil could never be taken out of the world. At best he was wading into the dark waters of the abyss with two leaking buckets in his hands.” Hard-boiled cop fiction at its most gripping.”
— Booklist *starred review

“This riveting thriller finds Harry even more introspective than usual, and while the tight prose of the plot swirls around the mystery of the bones, Harry’s turbulent life and career are changed forever in a stunning conclusion. Another thrilling winner for Connelly’s many fans; highly recommended.”
— Library Journal

“I had a few plans for the day on which I read Michael Connelly’s latest mystery. Nothing much, but enough to have made me put the book down once in a while. Well, no way. Not a chance. Everything else took a back seat to following Harry Bosch, Mr. Connelly’s tough, moody Hollywood detective, through the author’s latest carefully wrought maze. …”City of Bones” is a clean, tight, propulsive thriller set in the moral murk of detective-story Los Angeles. And it is an incendiary page turner…”
— New York Times

“Enough to say this is strong Connelly: well-plotted, lean and spare and more than a little sad… The search for truth leading to unintended consequences is a cautionary theme that has worked since Sophocles, and it works here.”
— Los Angeles Times

“…City Of Bones is up to the high standards of its predecessors. …Connelly’s prose has become leaner over the years, and his understanding of how cops work and think remains unsurpassed. …the best American crime series now in progress.”
— Washington Post

“Harry remains Harry as he retains the same edge that readers enjoyed in his previous book, A Darkness More Than Night… City Of Bones is a taut Harry Bosch police procedural.”

“Since his Edgar-winning debut Black Echo in 1992, Connelly…has surpassed himself with each novel. Connelly long ago joined the cadre of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Ross MacDonald.”
— Sun-Sentinel

“Harry’s still the same tightlipped outsider, taking each crime as a personal affront as he tries to cleanse his beloved city of the darkness he sees engulfing it.”
— Editorial Review

“Book Of The Week. …his melancholy hero deftly weaves a thin thread of hope through a spartan saga of good and evil, light and darkness.”
— People Magazine

“City of Bones is another stunner from the writer doing the best work in the genre today. The plot is interesting, fast-moving, and just complex enough to keep you guessing. …His work is for the ages.”