A Darkness More Than Night Reviews

Named one of The Best Books Of 2001 by the Los Angeles Times

“…hard-edged, smartly executed crime drama, pitting two of his most popular protagonists against each other. …cleverly conceived, superbly plotted and morally complex.”
— Publishers Weekly *starred review

“Connelly pits his latest series hero, FBI agent Terry McCaleb (Blood Work, 1998), against his veteran series cop, LAPD detective Harry Bosch (Angels Flight, 1999, etc.), in this extraordinary excursion into good, evil, and the labyrinth of human motives. …Bosch fan or McCaleb fan, you can’t lose with this chilling tour-de-force.”
— Kirkus Reviews

“..this is Connelly at his best. Highly recommended.”
— Library Journal

“In a set of nine blockbuster novels, whose integrity and imagination have redefined the parameters of crime fiction, Michael Connelly has created a range of memorable cops and robbers, any one who could sustain a series….This book is ingenious, original and—with every beat of its procedural heart—authentic.”
— Literary Review (UK)

“…Connelly allows Bosch and McCaleb to regard each other critically in ways that sharpen the reader’s perception of them…”
— The New Yorker

“An intricate plot, rich characterization and deft dialogue play out our medieval moralities in modern dress…”
— USA Today

“…this great thriller will keep you busy…Connelly is the best of a very large group…of thriller writers…”
— Denver Rocky Mountain News

“No one is better at exploring the conflict between good and evil…he tells their story skillfully…”
— San Diego Union Tribune

“A DARKNESS MORE THAN NIGHT is an intelligent, compassionate, unfailingly entertaining thriller.”
— BarnesandNoble.com Editorial Review