Exciting News From Titus Welliver & Michael Connelly About Bosch Season 6

Why Ballard and Bosch?

“To me, all of my books are related. They are one big mosaic and while it is true that the centerpiece of that mosaic is Harry Bosch, the canvas is wide and there is plenty of room for other characters.” Read why Michael brought Renée Ballard and Harry Bosch together in Dark Sacred Night.


DARK SACRED NIGHT – Available Now In The USA & Canada

“Harry Bosch has had plenty of partners, but he might have met his match. …none of them has clicked with Bosch in the way that Ballard does—like a master with a student who could become his equal.”
– Tampa Bay Times

DARK SACRED NIGHT – Available Now In The UK & Ireland

“the latest entry—and one of the best and most affecting—in Michael Connelly’s long-running series about the old-style detective.”
– The Wall Street Journal

DARK SACRED NIGHT – Available Now In Australia & New Zealand

“Dark Sacred Night is tight, gritty and mean – even by Bosch standards.  In a year that’s packed with brilliant crime this book is going to be an absolute stand out.”
– Booktopia


TWO KINDS OF TRUTH Is Now Available In Mass Market Paperback

The mass market paperback of Two Kinds Of Truth (2017) is available now in the USA and Canada. 

“Connelly tells two compelling stories that individually would make a terrific read but together make an instant classic.”—Jeff Ayers, Associated Press