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Development Tools

The Guardian — the-guardian

Two Bagger — two-bagger

Cahoots — cahoots

After Midnight — after-midnight

Christmas Even — christmas-even

Short Cut — short-cut

Cielo Azul — cielo-azul

The Safe Man — the-safe-man

Angle of Investigation — angle-of-investigation

Mulholland Dive — mulholland-dive

Suicide Run — suicide-run

One Dollar Jackpot — one-dollar-jackpot

Father’s Day — fathers-day

A Fine Mist of Blood — a-fine-mist-of-blood

Mount Olympus — mount-olympus

Blue on Black — blue-on-black

Blood Washes Off — blood-washes-off

Homicide Special — homicide-special

Switchblade — switchblade

Red Eye — red-eye

The Crooked Man — the-crooked-man

Burnt Matches — burnt-matches

Nighthawks — nighthawks

The Third Panel — the-third-panel

The Perfect Triangle — the-perfect-triangle

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