Get Your Own Everybody Counts Or Nobody Counts T-Shirt

Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts T-shirtThis t-shirt sale is a fundraiser benefiting the non-profit organization, My Friend’s Place. My Friend’s Place has been stepping in to rescue homeless youth in Los Angeles for decades and I try to support their efforts in whatever way I can. Now you can, too, and at the same time help spread Harry Bosch’s message, his code, to the world. Everybody Counts or Nobody Counts is a doctrine of basic fairness. It is do unto others. We all want the world to be fair, for everybody to get a fair shot and a decent shake. That’s Harry’s goal, and that is the goal of My Friend’s Place. I think they are good partners. And for a limited time, you can join the partnership and show your Bosch colors and code. Buy a T-shirt while supplies last! – Michael Connelly