The Reversal Reading Guide

Use these reading guide questions to help start a conversation about The Reversal. SPOILER WARNING! These questions cover the entire book. Don’t read them unless you have read the book.

“Mickey Haller, for the people,” he said. “Has a nice ring to it.”
1. Do you think Mickey enjoyed his first experience as a prosecutor? Could you see him dealing with a boss and surviving in the bureaucracy of the DA’s office on a regular basis? What did you think were his motives for taking on this case?

“I think if I can make my daughter happy then I’ll be happy. But I’m not sure when that will be.”
2. Harry Bosch said his daughter, Maddie Bosch, was in therapy dealing with her mother’s death and he thought it was helping her.  Harry seemed to be focusing on his daughter’s well-being, and putting his own needs aside, for the time being.  Will that work or do you think he needs help, too? Why do you think Harry mentioned Eleanor Wish’s death to Rachel Walling, his ex-girlfriend?

One of the very best things about having previously been married to Maggie McPherson was that I never had to face her in court.
3. How do you think Maggie and Mickey did working together for the first time? Do you think working together helped or damaged a possible reconciliation between them?

He had his daughter fully in his life now, but at a terrible cost.
4. How has being a full-time father changed Harry Bosch’s life and changed his ability to do his job?  Both Harry and Maddie lost their mother’s at a young age and under violent circumstances.  Do you see other parallels in their lives or similarities in their personalities?

My petty jealousy had slipped out for one small moment.
5. Mickey seemed slightly jealous of the time Maggie was spending with Harry. Was that a reflection of his continued romantic interest in Maggie or was it some kind of sibling rivalry with Harry?

Our daughters were shy upon meeting and embarrassed by how obvious their parents were about watching the long-awaited moment.
6. Harry Bosch has gone from being alone in the world to being a full-time father, having a brother, a niece, and an ex-sister-in-law.  Work and danger forced the Haller and Bosch families together in The Reversal. Do you think this a permanent shift in Harry’s life or will he return to his loner lifestyle?  Should Harry get closer to Mickey’s family for Maddie’s sake?

Jessup would’ve walked.”
7. Is there any doubt in your mind, like there was for one juror, that Jason Jessup was guilty of killing Melissa Landy?

After that, I lost him on the curving road ahead.
8. Do you believe Jessup killed those other missing girls? Is Harry on to something?

Salters took her seat and the question I wanted to avoid for the rest of my life remained unasked — at least by the media.
9. Should Mickey Haller and Harry Bosch feel any guilt or bear any responsibility for everything that happened with Jessup?

“I know,” Haller said. “You’re thinking, ‘What the hell is this?’
10. Did you like the combination of legal thriller and police procedural? Did you prefer the police investigation or the courtroom scenes? The Mickey Haller chapters were written in first person, giving you insight into Mickey’s thoughts and motivations. The Harry Bosch chapters were written in third person making Harry more of an enigma. Which do you prefer — 1st or 3rd person narrative? Did you like the alternating chapters and different view points from these two characters?