The Narrows Reviews

“There’s a gravitas to the mystery/thrillers of Michael Connelly, a bedrock commitment to the value of human life and the need for law enforcement pros to defend that value, that sets his work apart and above that of many of his contemporaries. That gravitas is in full force in Connelly’s newest, and as nearly always in the work of this talented writer, it supports a dynamite plot, fully flowered characters and a meticulous attention to the details of investigative procedure. …The suspense is steady throughout but, until a breathtaking climactic chase, arises more from Bosch and Walling’s patient and inspired following of clues and dealing with bureaucratic obstacles than from slash-and-dash: an unusually intelligent approach to generating thrills. Connelly is a master and this novel is yet another of his masterpieces.”
— Publishers Weekly * Starred, Boxed Review

“The Narrows,” Michael Connelly’s best crime novel since “City of Bones,” unfolds within his increasingly seductive world. … “The Narrows” is so enveloping that it may send readers back to the early lives of these characters. ”
New York Times

“…Mr. Connelly’s terrific 14th novel…a suspenseful book marked by flashes of insight and moments of pathos, as well as by dry wit and graceful prose.”
— Wall Street Journal

“The Narrows
is an intelligent, tautly written thriller, and should only serve to heighten Connelly’s already exalted stature as one of today’s leading crime writers.”
— Peter Robinson, The Globe and Mail

“This is scarifying in a big way — a Thomas Harris kind of scary, which is high praise indeed.”
— Stephen King, Entertainment Weekly

“Michael Connelly gives life to a fictional matchup that is the stuff of his readers’ dreams.”
Denver Post

“Not only is “The Narrows” one of Connelly’s most energized novels to date, it ranks as one of his best: lean, measured and paced like the first work of an artist ascending to the next level.”
— The News-Press

“Intricately plotted, The Narrows excels in creating an interlocked structure that perfectly melds two of Connelly’s works. The taut suspense is matched only by the surprises that Connelly pulls out, beginning with the jaw-dropping first three chapters.”
— Sun-Sentinel

“The Narrows is Connelly at his best, producing the creepy, cunning killer he is famed for and, at the same time, weaving into the story line plausible human drama, such as Bosch’s poignant attempts to bond with his newly discovered daughter.”
Orlando Sentinel

“…it will reaffirm the belief of Bosch’s ever-increasing fan base that the complex hero stands at the epicenter of the well-thought-out, disturbingly moody universe the author has created.”
— Los Angeles Times

“This is a high point among Connelly novels as he reconfirms his status as one of the best and most reliable of mystery writers… This is an excellent mystery in classic and modern senses”
— San Jose Mercury News

“The Narrows is clean, precise, neatly executed and thrilling. It reads like an out-of-control locomotive you keep refusing to set aside, even though the hour’s way past late and your eyes have been burning for the last 40 minutes. …Hold on tight and stay up late. The Narrows is crime fiction at its gutsy best.”
— The Clarion-Ledger

“…no one emulates Chandler better than Michael Connelly…Just as Connelly neatly draws his cast together, he cleverly connects the dots between Los Angeles, Las Vegas and The Poet’s hideout.”
USA Today

“The Narrows represents Connelly at his very best. If there is a better writer out there writing crime fiction, I’d like to know who it is.”
— Deadly Pleasures

“Connelly’s latest shamus-versus-serial-killer thriller mixes the cool noir vibe of Raymond Chandler with the freaky head games of Thomas Harris. …the crooked-haloed Bosch remains one of the most complex crime fighters around.”
— People

“It may well be Connelly’s best work to date.”

“…The Narrows is a dream novel for Connelly fans.”

“Michael Connelly is one of the best writers around today. When we start to read one of his books we know we will not be disappointed. This book falls well within that category. This book is a real thriller and loaded with suspense. However, these attributes “thrilling and suspense” would not mean anything without the creativity and talent of Michael Connelly putting it all together. This book is highly recommended. This is Harry Bosch at the top of his game!”

“Connelly’s writing had me almost hypnotized, so compelling was the narrative. Never did I want to put the book down…”

“Harry Bosch is at his best in this thriller as he balances fatherhood, love and a debt to a deceased friend while trying to outwit a brilliant killing machine. …Michael Connelly provides a strong Bosch book that fans will relish.”

“The Narrows is Connelly at his most compelling, frightening, and downright shocking, as his most beloved hero squares off against his most infamous villain.”
 — Mystery Guild

“Michael Connelly only gets better.”

“Connelly builds the suspense with precision and leaves you on the edge of your seat. I love Harry Bosch’s character. He’s come to feel like an old friend.”