The Black Box Reviews

“Connelly draws on all his resources—his thorough knowledge of police work, his ability to fashion a complex tapestry of plot, and his ever deepening characterization of Bosch—to craft a mystery thriller sure to enthrall fans and newcomers alike.”
– Publishers Weekly * starred review
Named one of Publishers Weekly’s Best Books of 2012

“Harry is such a compelling character largely due to his fundamentally antiestablishment personality, which leads to chaos as often as to triumph, but also because his unswerving work ethic reflects not simply duty but also respect for the task before him. Harry does it right, even—or especially—when his bosses want something else entirely.”
– Booklist * starred review

The Black Box is a standout”
– New York Times

“Oh well, just another superb, ambitious murder mystery from one of the best writers in the business, featuring perhaps the best fictional detective in crime fiction. It has been 20 years since Michael Connelly published his first novel, The Black Echo, and in all that time he hasn’t put a foot wrong. The Black Box keeps his streak alive.”
– The Globe and Mail

The Black Box is the 18th novel by Michael Connelly featuring Harry Bosch, the brooding, jazz- and blues-loving detective with the Los Angeles Police Department. It’s one of the very best.”
– Chicago Tribune 

I decided several years ago that this is the finest crime series written by an American, and nothing in the new book changes my mind.”
– Washington Post

“His character and code of honor make Bosch one of the top detectives in crime fiction. Connelly has a gift for taking what seem to be cliches and making them fresh and vibrant. Readers should find this “Black Box” because what it unveils is extraordinary.”
– Associated Press

“readers won’t be disappointed as Connelly proves again that neither he nor Bosch has lost his touch.”

“This is a master-class in hard-boiled American crime writing, from an author whose talent knows no bounds.”
– Peterborough Telegraph (UK) 

““The Black Box” — Connelly’s 25th novel and the 19th in the Harry Bosch series — more than proves this. Connelly is one of the best and the most consistent living crime writers.”
– South Florida Sun Sentinel

Harry methodically pieces together a solution that builds suspensefully and climaxes dramatically. Connelly strikes the perfect balance between showing us the tedium of police work and letting us in at the finish. Brilliant. Grade: A.
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

“The Bosch books just keep getting better and better—they are cleverly plotted, swiftly paced and populated with characters both valiant and flawed. Not to be missed!”
– BookPage

“Suspenseful; compelling character development; headed for bestseller lists.”
– Barnes & Noble Editorial review

“Yet what lingers in the mind after reading “The Black Box” are the more complex moral dilemmas that arise for Bosch, which he has faced countless times throughout his career. How Harry Bosch resolves them, here as in last year’s “The Drop,” suggest a way of finding light in the darkness that will tantalize fans of the series as they realize that Bosch’s mission of fighting crime may be passed on, as advancing age and circumstances force Connelly’s iconic detective to yield the stage, to a younger generation of crimefighters waiting in the wings.”
– Los Angeles Times
Named one of Los Angeles Times’ Best Books of 2012

The Black Box has everything Harry Bosch fans expect in a classic noir: addictive pacing, puzzle piece ferocity and a cool jazz soundtrack. In sticking with Bosch’s mantra — everybody counts or nobody counts — Harry will sacrifice his soul to see Anneke’s murderer brought to fiery justice.”
– Madison County Herald

“In his 20-year career as a novelist — which includes a second, legal-thriller series and several stand-alone works — Connelly still manages to keep his Bosch books inventive, fresh and often impressively relevant. These are among the reasons why any new work from him is reason to immediately readjust the order of your TBR pile.”