The Crossing Reviews

The Crossing is an NPR Best Book of 2015
The Crossing is one of’s Best Mystery Novels of 2015
The Crossing is one of Amazon’s Bestselling New Books for 2015
The Crossing is one of the Evening Standard’s Best Crime Fiction Books of 2015

“a tour de force of criminal detection. …But the appeal here isn’t all cerebral; the novel concludes with a stunning, bullets-flying set piece in which
careful investigation turns suddenly to intense action, almost like a nuclear physicist’s blackboard formulas exploding into atomic bombs. As always, Connelly’s blackboard work is as precise as his finale is exciting.”
– Booklist * Starred Review

“Connelly’s masterly 20th Harry Bosch novel… …the notion of crossing resonates on different levels—the intersection of predator and prey, cops gone rogue, and for Bosch, the transition from one part of his life into something exciting and new. ”
– Publishers Weekly * Starred Review

“utterly engrossing work from the reigning master of the police procedural.”
– Kirkus

“Fast detective action is skilfully interwoven with courtroom pyrotechnics.”
– The Independent (UK)

“Nobody writes police procedurals as well as Connelly. You don’t have to have followed Bosch for the quarter of a century he’s been doing this; you don’t need to know his past and have deep background to understand his character. Connelly’s skill is that he writes as a reporter, and he gives you the details you need not just to follow the plot, but to understand the characters, and at his best, as he is here, you find that understanding melds with the understanding of the story. …Michael Connelly is as good as it gets.”
– Irresistible Targets

“…another gripping thriller. The villains are horrifying, the murders are kinky, and the courtroom scenes are beautifully rendered. Welliver’s pace is consistent and easy to follow. He talks like a tough guy without being a caricature. …A solid performance.”
– AudioFile Magazine (reviewing the audiobook release)

“It’s jaw-dropping that after 27 bestsellers he’s still scaling new heights with every book, and this one is a double delight because it features both detective Harry Bosch and his half-brother, ducking and diving defence lawyer Mickey Haller. …It’s storytelling with a dark and deadly grace.”
– Peterborough Telegraph, 10 out of 10 rating

“Like a classic whodunit, the complicated mystery pivots on one small clue. An extra treat for the reader is being able to follow the case from the dual perspectives of the prosecution and the defense. As a career cop, Bosch is well versed in the professional tactics of a police investigation. (Even a casual reading of the tricked-up “discovery package” that every investigating officer is obliged to prepare for the defense attorney puts him in a good humor.) But Haller’s vocational talents, being on the shady side, are more like the sleight-of-hand tricks of a con man, and once in a courtroom he suddenly acquires the skills of a magician. Brothers they may be, but at times they seem a lot like an ego and its id.”
– Marilyn Stasio, New York Times

“Enter Harry Bosch, one of the finest minds in crime fiction. He understands the trajectories of bullets and also political careers. Connelly loves to watch him think, and so do I.”
– Evening Standard

“The evolution of Harry Bosch continues in The Crossing. Fears of the series stagnating now that Bosch has left the LAPD are misplaced. In fact, his ejection from the department has provided a shot in the arm for the series; not one it needed, for the Bosch novels have been universally consistent in their quality since The Black Echo – but this new status-quo has provided Connelly a chance to dig deeper into his protagonist’s psyche. Will Bosch continue working for Haller? Will become a full-fledged private investigator? Or does Connelly have something else in mind? The possibilities are exciting. The end of Bosch’s time with the LAPD doesn’t feel like the end – rather the beginning of a new phase. The excitement and tension in The Crossing is unrelenting. Nobody explores Los Angeles better than Michael Connelly through the eyes of Harry Bosch. Its core mystery is intriguing, and its finale is pulsating. This is prime Connelly – a book that will keep you awake until you’ve finished the last page, and leave you gasping. Unmissable.”

“Finding the connections between the parts of the case — the crossings of the title, the places where apparently unconnected people encounter one another — gives readers Harry at his best. We get the bonus of seeing Mickey take that case to court for one of his bravura performances.”
– Tampa Bay Times

“…Connelly has blasted it out of the park. A tour de force from a modern master; one of the best crime reads of the year.”
 Crime Watch

“Bosch may be out to pasture as far as the Los Angeles Police Department is concerned, but Connelly is still very much in his prime as a suspense writer. “The Crossing” is a pensive thriller that’s ingeniously constructed and ambitious in scope.”
– Washington Post

“”The Crossing” again proves Connelly as a master of the genre.”

““The Crossing” is another strong offering from perennial bestseller Michael Connelly.”
– Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Connelly continues to write quality crime fiction, and “The Crossing” is another great character study mixed with a truly baffling puzzle.”
– Associated Press

“a terrific read.”
– Irish Echo

“The tale is a stunner and I urge everyone who likes good crime fiction, or an absorbing well written novel, to enjoy THE CROSSING.”
– David Rothenberg on WBAI/Radio

“Nobody writes crime procedurals like Michael Connelly.”
– Jackie K Cooper, Book Critic, The Huffington Post

“Michael Connelly remains one of the most reliable writers in the PI crowd. Thirty books on, his plots get tougher and his characters more engaging. The only thing better than Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller (The Lincoln Lawyer) is having the pair together and that’s what The Crossing delivers, one of the best of Connelly’s tales. …You won’t put this one down from first page to last.”
– The Globe and Mail

“Intensely satisfying and featuring two of the smartest creations in modern crime fiction, this is as elegant a masterpiece as Connelly has delivered.”
– Daily Mail (UK)