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The Globe Lobby of the Los Angeles Times

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Excerpt From The Scarecrow (Photo by Wendy Werris) The globe lobby was the formal entrance to the newspaper building at the corner of First and Spring. A brass globe the size of a Volkswagen rotated on a steel axis at the center of the room. The many international bureaus and outposts of the Times were permanently notched on the raised continents, despite the fact that many had been shuttered to save money. The marble walls were adorned with photos and plaques denoting the many milestones in the history of the paper, the Pulitzer Prizes won and the staffs that won them, and the correspondents killed in the line of duty. It was a proud museum, just as the whole paper would be before too long. The word was that the building was up for sale. But I only cared about the next twelve days. I had one last deadline and one last murder story to write. I just needed that globe to keep turning until then.