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Franklin Canyon

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Excerpt from The Reversal (photo credit: Wendy Werris) The park was larger than Bosch realized, running south of Mulholland and west of Coldwater Canyon Boulevard. A key in the corner of the map said it was 605 acres. Bosch didn't realize that there was such a large public reserve in this prime section of the Hollywood Hills. He noticed that the map had several of the hiking trails and picnic areas marked. The picnic area in the northeast section was off of Blinderman Trail. He assumed it had been misspelled in the SIS log as blind man trailhead. "What is it?" Harry looked at his daughter. It was her first attempt at conversation in two days. He decided not to miss it. "Well, we've been watching this guy. The Special Investigations Section. They're the department's surveillance experts and they're watching this guy who just got out of prison. He killed a little girl a long time ago. And for some reason he went to this park and just sat there at a picnic table."