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El Matador

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Excerpt from The Drop (Photo by Wendy Werris) “Good salsa,” he said. “You ever been to the El Matador truck in East Hollywood?” “No, where’s it at?” “Western and Lex. This is good but El Matador, I think they’re the best. He’s only there at night, though, and everything tastes better at night anyway.” “Isn’t it weird how Western Avenue is in East Hollywood?” “I never thought about it. The point is, next time you’re over there after work, try El Matador and tell me what you think.” Bosch realized he had not been down to the El Matador truck since his daughter had come to live with him. At the time he didn’t think eating in or on cars and getting food from trucks had been right for her. Now maybe things were different. He thought she might enjoy it and he made a plan to take Maddie to El Matador over the weekend.