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Excerpt From The Brass Verdict (Photo by Wendy Werris) "It's eight-thirty. I think you should go home." "I think I should too, I'm going to wait to hear back from Cisco--he's checking something out for me--and then I think I'm going over to Dan Tana's to have steak and spaghetti." She knew I went to Dan Tana's when I had something to celebrate. Usually a good verdict.

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I went in by myself and Craig sat me in one of the cherished corner booths. It was a busy night but things were tapering off. I saw the actor James Woods finishing dinner in a booth with a movie producer named Mace Neufeld. They were regulars and Mace gave me a nod. He had once tried to option one of my cases for a film but it didn't work out. In another booth I saw Corbin Bernsen, the actor who had given the best approximation of an attorney on television I had ever seen. And then in another booth, the man himself, Dan Tana, was having a late dinner with his wife. I dropped my eyes to the checkered tablecloth. Enough who's who. I had to prepare for Bosch.