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Chateau Marmont

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Excerpt from The Drop (Photo by Wendy Werris) The Chateau Marmont sat above the Sunset Strip like an old world castle with a neon sign out front. An iconic structure set against the Hollywood Hills, it had enticed movie stars, writers, rock and rollers, and their entourages for decades. Several times during his career Bosch had been to the hotel as he had followed cases and sought witnesses and suspects. He knew its beamed lobby and hedged courtyard and the layout of its spacious suites. Other hotels offered amazing levels of comfort and personal service. The Chateau offered old world charm and a disinterest in your personal business. Most hotels had security cameras, hidden or not, in all public spaces. The Chateau had few. The one thing the Chateau offered that no other hotel on the strip could touch was this level of privacy. Behind its walls and tall hedges was a world without intrusion, where those who didn’t want to be watched were not. That is, until things went wrong, or private behavior became public.