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Michael Answered Readers’ Questions About BOSCH

Michael on the set at Musso & Frank'sWe asked fans on Facebook for their questions about the pilot episode of BOSCH. Here are Michael’s answers.

Will the episodes mostly parallel the investigations in the books or will Harry be investigating other crimes?
Primarily the first season follows the investigation/plot of City of Bones. But there are some other things thrown into the mix as well, including a large segment of The Concrete Blonde.

Will Mickey Haller make an appearance?
I don’t think that is likely in the first season though you never know.

Did you enjoy re-writing Harry’s past (i.e. his military service)? Do you see potential new story lines for the TV Harry of the future which wouldn’t work as well with original Harry?
That’s a good question. I have indeed enjoyed rethinking a few things about the series and seeing how new things can fit with the old. If we get this thing going I can see bringing in other new ideas as well. For example, in the books Harry now works in the Open Unsolved Unit handling cold cases. In the projected TV show he would work in the Hollywood Homicide squad. So it’s going to be different cases kinds of cases. We can pull from existing books but also throw in some new things.

Why doesn’t Harry have a moustache?
We think that Titus Welliver looks better without one.

Are you going to give Len Cariou a minor role as a nod to his involvement in the series for so many years as the voice of Harry on the audiobooks?
That’s a good idea. He’s already in a show filmed in New York but it would be cool if we could get him for something when he’s in LA.

Is there going to be a trailer or a teaser that we can see?
I don’t think they will make a trailer for the test pilot but I am sure that we will be providing sneak peeks of scenes and other things through my website and Facebook pages.

Will Irving be a character and who will play him?
Deputy Chief Irving will be an integral character and he appears briefly in the pilot. He is played by Lance Reddick who is a really good actor.

Are you worried that what you had pictured in your head, and what you produced, won’t match up with what your readers always envisioned?
I am not worried too much. I think I have followed what I have always followed in writing the books. If I am happy then I think there will be readers out there who will be happy. I feel that way with the show. I think Titus Welliver is dead on as Harry and I think most fans will agree.

Did you do location shoots in California?
We shot every scene in Los Angeles, using many of the real places from the books. Angels Flight, Hollywood Station, Musso and Frank’s to name a few. We were allowed to shoot on the Metro rail and we used many locations that were uniquely LA. But it’s not the LA of Hollywood movies. Most of this pilot was shot in downtown, Echo Park, East LA and the Hollywood Hills. There is one glimpse of the Hollywood sign too!

You must have had an actor or two in mind to play Harry. How difficult was it to find an actor who could bring Harry to the screen?
It’s funny. We took about three months to cast the role, talking about and talking to several actors. We ended up with Titus Welliver whose name I threw into the mix at the very beginning of the process. The trouble was he was making a movie and not in LA. I flew to New York to meet with him but things happened and we never met. Then a couple months later he finally was free in LA and he came in to meet with the Bosch team and right away we all knew we were talking to the right guy. We ended the search that moment.

Does the show follow the books? Or is it entirely different, chronologically speaking?
It won’t be chronological because it doesn’t need to be. We start with City of Bones with a good size piece of The Concrete Blonde. Those books were published in 2002 and 1994 respectively. Our plan would be to use two other books in season two and they will be chosen on the basis of what works best, not when or where they were published in the chronology.

What did you have to alter to make it more ‘TV’ and how did you approach those changes? Were there any suggestions made that you refused?
They main alteration was in setting the story in present-day LA. Casting a 51 year old actor as Harry meant that he could not have served in Vietnam. So we came up with an alternate war time experience that we think would have left Harry with the same sort of internal demons and scars. He is still a tunnel rat. That was something we didn’t want to change.

Changing things wasn’t really the issue. The question was what do we want to take from a twenty-year run of books? Which job partners, which bosses, which romantic partners, etc. — those were the big questions.

What channel will it be on?
It will be streamed on Amazon Instant Video in the USA and in the UK.

Will it be on Netflix or local TV?
No. Just Amazon.

When could we see this show in Italy? France? The Netherlands? South Africa?
If Amazon decides to go forward with a series then we will seek places to air the show or offer DVDs around the world. The first step is with Amazon. If it goes well, then I think fans can expect to see it within a year in almost all other reaches of the world.

How hard was it deciding to do a pilot for Bosch considering how popular he is and how close he is to you?
It wasn’t really hard. I love good films and TV. As a storyteller, I would like to see my work translated into these formats. The key thing was putting this character who I cherish with the right people as producers and then of course the right actors. I think I have done that with this project.

Will Bosch keep all his traits such as jazz music, etc?
Pretty much so. Jazz for sure. One of my favorite moments in the pilot is hearing/watching him play Frank Morgan’s Lullaby at his house on the hill.

Are there plans for feature films?
Not with Bosch.

Any cross over from other Connelly characters?
There could be if we have success starting this series out.

Did you have any saying about the soundtrack in the series? Are we going to hear same music in the show that we “heard” in the books or is it composed just for the series?
There are several jazz cuts right out of Harry’s library. The show also has a score. It is not all jazz because that would not be realistic. In his daily life Harry hears lots of different music.

Can this be seen on cable or just on Amazon on the computer?
It is only on Amazon but Amazon shows can be played on your television if you have a new model screen, Blu-ray DVD, or game console. Several of these have Amazon icons similar to Netflix and Hulu. You can also put your computer screen onto your TV screen with a cable connecting to the HDMI port.